Urgent referral to breast clinic

Hi all, im 32 with two children (12 & 7), about 7 weeks ago i noticed a small red patch on my left breast, i suffer with boils alot as i have rheumatoid arthritis which after 3 years is still not under control, i assumed this red patch was a boil coming but strangely it didnt hurt, i had cellulitis at the time in my legs from injection sites and i was on high dose fluoxcillin so i hoped the red patch would go with the antibiotics, 2 weeks later it was still there but had got bigger with a lump underneath so i booked in with my gp, she had a look and i mentioned the lumps under opposite armpit that iv had for months, she said she thought it was an infection but said because i had already had antibiotics she would have expected it to clear but she prescribed a course of doxcycline. The day after i started those i had some green pus leakage from the red patch overnight but again it didnt hurt it felt numb, a week later it was still there so again i went to the gp and she said the red patch looked smaller so prescribed more anti biotics and i was to go bk in 2 weeks if no better, so i finished those but over the last week iv had some clear fluid from my nipple, i have a slight indent appeared and my breast has shrunk very noticably to the right, the red patch is still there. Im very aware of my breast and it feels heavy even tho its got smaller. So i went bk to gp yesterday and told her it was getting worst but now i have a occasional deep pain mainly when i bend over, she examined my breast and asked if i could possibly be pregnant as my right breast is firm, i told her no (im not in a relationship) but my left breast is soft to the point when i press where the indent is and the nipple it feels like there is a big hole behind it, she said theres no point giving me any more anti biotics and was doing an urgent referral to the breast clinic, i have noticed this morning at the top of my breast going down towards the nipple i have little dents where the hair follicles are and i have alot of wrinkling on the skin which feels thick in some places, im worried this is something serious but im strangely calm, iv looked up ibc and i know im higher risk of this because of the RA but im not sure on the symptoms, iv read that the breast can get bigger but then seen on some forums that breast shrink! I would just like to talk to those in similar situations as i dont really have any support, thanks for reading xxx

hi and so sorry to read this worry and that you havent had any replies yet. there is some a factsheet on the breastcancercare website here breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/publication/inflammatory-breast-cancer-bcc23 I hope you get seen quickly and get a good outcome. I finished treatment for IBC 2 years ago and am currently totally well, so there is hope even if you get bad news.

Hi thank you for your reply, i have my appointment the 21st so not to long to wait, i have new things cropping up daily with my breast and im now getting some pain, iv also noticed when i examine my breast my left one feels like the breast tissue has holes in it, i can feel a hole behind my nipple and where the indent is, the dimples are more pronounced and now cover my breast, my right breast has had some swelling and is very red so hoping they will check that one also at the breast clinic, reading about IBC is scary, dont tend to see the good outcomes so im so glad you have come out the other side! Thank you for taking the time to reply to me xx