--- urgent

— urgent

— urgent — Philip Scholfield has just announced on tv that the woman coming on has the ALL CLEAR…

I have been onto the television and proclaimed loudly that if they come on the show this morning saying that they will do untold damage. THERE IS NO CURE FOR BREAST CANCER - the woman has NED (I accept that that is wonderful) BUT this is not a wonder drug to cure all breast cancer … many women are not suitable for the drug… Everytime they use incorrect terminology and do things like this fundraisingg drops and people think the ‘battle’ for us is won… cure found for all of us - move on. The phone number if you want to ring quickly is 0870 333 0550

Sorry to intrude. If you don’t want to phone I understand but I feel so angry and fed up with the blasted media and their GOOD NEWS STORIES whitoout giving the full picture that many of us are LIVING WITH CANCER AND THE TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF TREATMENT, THAT CANNOT SEE A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL WITH REGARD TO WONDER DRUGS. (I have promoted this BEFORE I found I was HER- by the way in case anyone wondering). Thank you. . Joy xxxxx

missed it I think I just missed it, what did they say? I would like to phone but need some facts.

didn’t miss it Well done Joy! They only spoke about being in remission which I’m sure was down to your vigilance and phone call.

Well done Joy! I missed it but Well Done Joy, sounds as though your phone call made a difference!
Love Belinda.xxxx

Absolutely! & Good Luck I think the programme was actually well presented, and as previously stated, they did only say that she was in remission…, if that was down to you Joy, then thats fantastic!
I cant remember the name of the woman who is going to The Welsh Assembly ( didnt write it down as I have to nowadays!)…but the very best of luck to you & I hope your one-woman protest is peaceful & beneficial & may every woman who needs & deserves Herceptin, get it without a struggle.

What programme? No-one has mentioned what programme or channel was involved, and what the programme was about. Kindly enlighten!!!

Whoops! Sorry, it was Good Morning with Fern & Philip.
Not that I watch it of course…

— Well done Joy