Urine infection

I dont post very often but has anyone ever had a urine infection that has made them feel really ill? I have been on capecitabine for two and a half years, secondaries for nearly six years, in bones only at present. Three weeks ago I had a urine infection, which confined me to bed for four days, slept most of the time and was even hallucinating. So scared. The doctor put me on antibiotics and said my body would take longer to recover because of the chemo. But three weeks later I still feel tired all the time. Is this usual? I am a Royal Marsden Sutton patient and canst praise them highly enough. Am due for a checkup in three weeks time and of course will mention this when I go. So fed up with this cancer. Love Ruth x

Hi Ruth - sorry to hear it’s made you feel so poorly. All I can say is that I had a urine infection in the summer, when I wasn’t on chemo, and I was surprised at how ill it made me feel. It really floored me. When I went for a (pre planned) CT scan the week after it took them 7 attempts (and 2 burst veins) to get a cannula in - they thought it was because I’d been ill the week before. It took me a good couple of weeks to really recover, and as I say, I wasn’t on chemo at that time, so I’m not surprised it’s taking you a lot to recover.


Hope you’re feeling much better soon. We really don’t need anything on top of cancer!