US tmrw just some info please

hello ladies

after a long wait im geting my US done tmrw what i was wondering is the doc said that if its fluid they will try and drain it and if its solid that he wants it removed soon as its gone from pea size to grape size in two months,(it didnt show up on mamo) will the person thats doing the US b able to tell me if it looks bad or do i just get sent away again to wait it out?

thanks in advance ladies for any answers you can give me x

Hi…not sure my response will help much…but Ill respond anyway. I think it could depend on the hospital and what it is they see as to whether they can say if its bad or not.

In my case (unfortunately) they could tell it was bad from the US and told me straight away they were pretty certain it was cancer. I had the biopsy minutes after the US and had to go home and wait for confirmation but it was just confirmation…they were certain it was cancer.

Still Im out the other side now! Best wishes for your scan…hope it goes well xx

HI Kass
If you are going to a one stop clinic you will have all the tests ( US /FNA / possible Core biopsy ) and you will get your results the same day. Though if your hospital is not a one stop clinic you may have to wait about a week for your results to come back.
When i was DX with BC my ultrasound also picked up 2 fibrodomas and a cyst which they drained at the same time , if the lump is solid they will proberly perform an FNA /Core biopsy to determine whether the lump is malignant or benign. The person doing the US will not normaly tell you anything as they would need the biopsy results to confirm a DX ( unless its a cyst then they would tell you and will drain it) if the US shows anything suspicious and they have the biopsy results straight away you are normaly seen by your Doctor afterwards . I went to a one stop clinic and had my results within 4 hrs and was so glad i didnt have to wait even though mine wasnt good news.
Best wishes for your scan tomorrow, i know how worrying a time it is for you right now but hopefully it will just be a cyst and your mind can be put at rest.Try and remember that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign ,but if you do have to join us you will get lots of help and support from all the lovely ladies here.
Am keeping everything crossed for you. Please let us know how you get on.
Linda x

I had an ultrasound (US?) for a lump that appeared in my neck and the doctor that did it told me straight away that it looked like a cyst and he was 99% sure he was right. He was, it was a cyst. I think it depends on who does it though.
Good luck
L x

thank u for yr answers ive been waiting such a long time for any diagnosis (6 mths) the pain has been that bad that its been driving me up the wall and is affecting my work and my family life, i really think that its nothing to bad but just want someone 2 stop the pain

thank you all so vry much for taking the time to write and i will let u know how i get on

take care ladies x

Good luck with your ultrasound today Kazz. With my ultrasound they did not give me a diagnosis but did say that they were very concerned, enough for me to know that it was bad news. I got the results of the biopsy 7 days later.

Hi Kazz

I have posted a link to the BCC ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ publication which you may find helpful as it explains what you can expect at your appointment:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

Best wishes

Hi Kazz

It was pretty much the same for me. I had DCIS in 2005. Then I had my normal yearly mammogram because of the DCIS in 2009 and received a letter requesting me to have an US scan due to an abnormality. I attended the hospital and saw the Consultant first who said from his experience he was pretty certain it wasn’t good news but the scan and biopsy would confirm it. I had the scan and then they did a biopsy. The radiographer did say (which I was quite surprised at) that the shape of it looked suspicious but the results would confirm it and would take a week. It did turn out to be malignant but I’m doing fine and treatment is going well.

Good luck

Krissy x