Use of compression leggings for travel

2 months after breast surgery I am at last going on holiday (abroad, 3 hour flight) before my radiotherapy treatment starts. I didn’t wear compression leggings before but should I now because of the risk of blood clots or should this problem not arise after all this time?


Ask the BCN as depends on your medication. When i was on Tamoxifen a side effect was increased risk of blood clots do i did use compression tights on long haul flights, i didn’t on the circa 1 hour and a bit flights. I was also recommended to take an Asprin (gastric resistant type) a couple of hours before a flight and to make sure i moved my feet and got up for an occassional walk.

The most important thing is that you enjoy your holiday! Delegate the suitcase lifting and carrying :blush::sunglasses::sun_with_face:

Hello there Lollyscott

You don’t say how old you are or if you have other medical problems or are taking any medication but having had cancer increases the risk as does hormone / endocrine therapy . As you’re more than 6 weeks post surgery i would have thought that the risk from that will have passed if you’re back to full activity though I honestly don’t know for sure. The truth is that anyone at all can get a DVT - I know 2 women who were very young and fit when it happened to them though theirs were both after long haul flights and as yours is a short flight I would have thought the risk is much less .
I think it would be worth you getting some knee length standard flight socks .

Have a great holiday and remember to look after your skin to make sure it’s in good condition for radiotherapy .

Joanne. X

Hi lollyscott

Thanks for posting.

It’s understandable that you are asking whether you are at increased risk of blood clots when flying two months after your breast cancer surgery.

As @Yorkshire_Tyke and @JoanneN say, there are several factors other than surgery that can lead to an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or clots when flying. It is important that all factors are considered in relation to your own risk of developing a DVT.

The general advice to reduce the risk of DVT when flying includes drinking plenty of fluids and moving around the plane. Your GP, breast care nurse or treatment team are best placed to advise whether you would benefit from wearing compression hosiery on the flight.

You may also find our information on travel and breast cancer helpful.

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