Useful info on cough/breathlessness

Hi ladies…thought I’d share this with you. I saw a lovely doc at clinic yesterday who has referred me to physio for my breathlessness. But he also said that they prescribe/recommend dark chocolate to relieve coughing!
He said in trials it worked exceptionally well in patients with slight coughs but it has to be the very dark chocolate over 70% cocoa…that’ll do nicely! ?

Hi,bev,oh that’s interesting! I used to eat that for the health properties. I get green and blacks I think it’s 85% . I’ll give it a try as I’ve developed a cough.
Chocolate hugs to you,Helen xxxx

Me too…I’m going to get some green & blacks too! Let me know if it helps you xxxx

Aahhh that sounds like a GOOD idea!!  I’ve had rib fractures this year (probably not bc-related though I have bone mets… I think one fracture was caused by coughing, it can happen to anyone), and if I start coughing it’s still painful.  Dark chocolate should be available on prescription! - more enjoyable than taking a codeine tablet or codeine-based cough suppressant.

Interestingly when I was on FEC back in 2001 my mouth tingled if I had spicy food. A friend insisted on bringing me her homemade soup & although it was delicious sometimes it was a bit too spicy for me. One day I had some dark chocolate and my mouth was eased, a good reason to have chocolate in the house!!

When friends asked if I needed a treat I asked for the over 70% chocolate.


Just wondered if anyone can help here. When i saw the doc at pain management clinic 2 weeks ago for my breathlessness (i dont have any pain anywhere) he also prescribed me a bottle of oramorph just to keep in case i needed it if i got too breathless.
He said the dosage was different from taking it for pain…only 2.5ml instead of 5-10ml.

But I’m not too happy about taking it …has anyone had it to relieve breathlessness and does it work?
Love and hugz…bev xxx

Thanks helen…i know he’s a specialist in these things but the patient info leaflet says not to take if you have lung or breathing problems like emphysema. I’m just a bit twitchy about starting on it.
Wondered if Pam could advise here? Xxx

Hi Bevster
Here’s a link to the Macmillan ’ Managing breathlessness’ information booklet, there is also a CD version available and it does contain a bit of information about using oramorph, please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through the concerns you have about this:

Helpline 0808 800 6000 today 10-2 and weekdays 9-5

Take care
Lucy BCC

Thanks very much xxx

Thanks pam was going to pm you when i got home…I’m in the Ford dealership at mo picking up my new car. Thanks for putting my mind at rest xxxx

Lucy…bcc. I like the name “bevster” …I’m going to change my profile name to it hehe! They call me bevlaaar in work! Xxx

Oops silly me, we do have a Bevster on the forums too so a slip of the fingers! Sorry to you and Bevster!
Best wishes

I can do it for you Bev no problems