using Bio-oil or similar

Hello, I am new to the forumsm Had mastectomy and grade 2 node clearance 23 April. My scars have healed really well, thanks in part to taking Cholrella. Have been back to see my consultant who assures me that a swelling above the node scar is muscle and the scar tissue is adhering to it. H e advised me to start using Bio-Oil and masaging. I have bought some Re-Gen oil which is a lot cheaper than Bio-Oil. Can anyone tell me whether this works, please? Carol

I must admit I use bio oil it is expensive but I find it brilliant. I use it on my scar, on my ‘bad’ arm as part of massage exercise and also rub on my veins on by ‘chemo’ arm - and it has made so much difference to my veins softened them up and made them almost normal. Havn’t seen other products but would be interested to know if they are as effective.

I started to use Bio oil but it is expensive and I wonder if its more about the massaging than the product?

Someone else posted on here that Bio-Oil is much cheaper online, especially from Amazon. I had a look and it was half the price I paid in the supermarket. It does last ages, as a little goes a long way.

Ann x

BioOil is very good. I’ve not tried any alternatives so can’t comment on how it compares. I did see BioOil on offer in Tesco on Friday (14th) - a third off which is well worth snapping up!

E x

I decided against bio-oil and used organic coconut oil which I use as a body moisturiser anyway. It’s quite cheap and you can get it health food shops and our Waitrose stocks it, I use Biona. In the jar it is solid but as soon as it touches your skin it melts.

I also used it after radiotherapy as soon as I was allowed to switch from what they aqueous cream they insisted I used. As soon as I did all the reddening disappeared.

Elinda x

Boots do their own version of bio oil, which is as good as the real thing but much cheaper

I use Bio oil a friend got it alot cheaper almost half the price at Costco. Seems to be doing the job for me but still early days. Used Coca cream at first but the sweet smell turned my stomach.

thanks for feedback. might get some Bio-oil, it’s on a 3 for2 at Superdrug. I now have a blotchy rash under my scar (not where I put the oil) looks like a heat rash but not itchy or irritating. anyone had anything similar? It is sort of where my “cumfy” sits