Using medical glue to stick down lifting nails???

Hi ladies

Ive seen a few comments about nails. My chemo finished at the very end of December (8 cycles) and previously had no problems with my nails at all. I have kept them painted with dark varnish and they have been fine. As the weeks have gone by I could see a clear line from ‘chemo’ nail (basically brown and bumpy) to new nail.
This time when I took off the old nail varnish I was shocked to realise the chemo nail bit is basically coming away from the nail bed. When opening a can of beans or drink or catching something with the tips It hurts and the nail feels unstable. The edges seem to be keeping the tops in place.
My worry is that since the healthy bit is now about 50% of the nail if the top comes away completely is going to tear out the new bit and its going to really hurt.
Has anyone used medical superglue or liquid plaster to stick down the loose bit? If this helps keep them on, the rest has a bit longer to grow. I should be able to squirt it down the gap behind the nail. What do you think?

Hi multitasker


If you have attempted to use medical glue to stick your nails down I would be interested to hear how you get on. My nails are faring OK but I have noticed the white top part is moving south on a couple of them so I may need to consider this. 


I hope it works for you as I think it’s a really clever idea!