Utterly Terrified



I’m 44 and thought I could see a very slight bulge at the top right on my right breast after a shower weeks ago but prodded and poked and didn’t find anything obvious other than the conclusion that it felt lumpier and slightly larger than the left when I lifted my arms up.

Anyway, the feeling that there was something up just kept nagging at me and today I thought I’d get a breast exam at my GP’s (I’m in the UK). I got a student Dr which wasn’t ideal but she did a thorough exam and confirmed that she could feel a lump plus another one in a different part of the breast and told me I’d be referred to the hospital breast clinic and seen within 2 weeks.

I think I’m in shock and a state of utter panic. I can’t eat, I have no idea how I’ll sleep and I can’t stop prodding my boob!

I decided I can’t wait 2 weeks so have an appointment at a private hospital a week today (not much faster I know but it’s better and they do everything the same day).

Any advice for how I can calm the panic would be so gratefully received x

Cannary78 Glad you’ve reached out to bcn :two_women_holding_hands: well done you for being vigilant and getting appointment with dr first to get checked and for arranging  private appointment because it will be quicker for you to get the checks that will tell you one way or the other. Please do phone the number on here and speak to a nurse It’s hard to think about anything else once you find a lump, it consumes you and you can’t stop going back to check it’s actually there and or if you’ve imagined it, or if it’s disappeared But do please remember lumps can be lots of different things not necessarily breast cancer and until a professional tells you, you have breast cancer you do not have breast cancer You could also go back to your doctor to see if they can prescribe you something that could help till your appointment next week :two_women_holding_hands: and it’s normal to be in shock Lavender pillow mist helped me get some sleep during the ? phase when you’ve first found the lump, my appetite went and just had what I fancied when I fancied it bit of cheese on toast mainly. Please do phone the nurses on here they will speak to you in depth about questions you have with professional kindness and support I’m sure others will pop on and :two_women_holding_hands: You too :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx


I had my investigations done on Tuesday following call back from routine mammogram due to thickening in the breast.  I was horrified to be told I’ve got to wait 3 weeks for results of the biopsies.  My first grandchild is due and day and I don’t want to be constantly worried over this period.   I’m trying to keep calm and positive but it’s difficult.  I’m trying to get into meditation again and that is helping a little.  I like the idea of locking the door and turning the key on it all as well as someone said.  End of the day, no matter how much you worry, it won’t change anything so please try to put it all away until you do get the results.  Easy to say I know but we must try xx