Vacuum assisted biopsy?

I have to have a vacuum assisted biopsy on my right breast. I have already had a core biopsy so what’s different, anyone had one? am I likely to feel the same as after the core biopsy?

I had a vacuum assisted and in honesty the doctor was warning me of this and that but when it came to it I actually asked when she was going to do it and it was nearly over! I did have quite a lot of bruising but it really wasn’t anything to worry about for me so I’m sure you’ll be fine x

I had a vacuum assisted biopsy. The local anaesthetic meant it wasn’t exactly painful, but I did find it a bit more uncomfortable than the core biopsy. There was more bruising afterwards. The needle swings round in a circle so it samples a bigger area, you can watch on the screen as it goes.

Seriously, don’t worry, it was fine.

I’ve successfuly avoided all things ‘booby’ on google and/or in here since receiving the results of my screenings/biopsy etc. at end of November. But the nerves are starting to make me twitchy again now I’ve got the appt for vac assisted bio on 23rd (less than 4 weeks after results of core and consultation - wow) so here I am again. Have found the info in here regarding vac assisted bio very reassuring. Thank you all, I feel positive and am now reminded that I need to buy a sports bra! best wishes all x