Vaginal bleeding on Xeloda

Good morning all.

I’ve been taken Xeloda for just a week now, no problems at all, not even nausea.

This morning when I’ve used the loo I noticed I was bleeding, could this be a sort of period or something to be concerned about?

I’m 42, so was having normal periods up to chemotherapy and they did come back afterwards for 2 months but stopped again, which I put down to the tamoxifen. I’ve also just stopped the tamoxifen so perhaps that’s why?

Thank you all



Sorry, I should say that I’ll obviously mention this to the chemo unit on Monday, but in the meantime, I’m assuming I should just carry on as usual?


Hi Wendy

I’ve been on capecitabine for over seven years, but am a lot older than you (61!) and had a very early menopause at 43 (before my primary BC dx), so never experienced any bleeding. I wonder if there’s anyone you might be able to ring this weekend, e.g. does your local oncology unit or hospital have a “chemo hotline”? Or maybe a Macmillan nurse?

Hope all goes well for you, and that the capecitabine works as well!

Marilyn x

Hi, I’ve been on Xeloda since April 2008, I was diagnosed with bone mets and breast cancer in 2003. Before Xeloda I had 5 years of hormonal treatments along with the monthly injection to halt my periods. My Onc thought Xeloda would stop my periods and stopped the monthly injections. But my periods returned almost at once and I was very late 40’s so I would not rule out you have had a period. :frowning: I mentioned mine had returned and just carried on with the chemo.
Good Luck with Xeloda, this is my first chemo and I’ve found it very, very doable and have now had 3 good years. x

Thank you for the replies ladies.

From memory (not so reliable these days!) it does seem quite like a period of old.

The sun is shining out there, I’m not in any pain nor pouring with blood or anything, so I think we’ll head off down the coast and see how it goes.

It’s great to hear from ladies who’ve been taking Xeloda for so long with great success. I love hearing these kind of stories and I have to agree, so far, it’s been great.

I’ll let you all know how I get on, thank you again for replying and helping me put my mind at rest a little.


Well, I’m still bleeding, so I’m assuming it’s a period. Let’s hope so anyway, since the chemo unit haven’t rang me back. My only concern really is in case it’s something to do with low platelets.

At least, I thought that was my only concern until I mentioned it to my BCN who has told me I need to speak to my GP for a gynae oncology referral! It’s routine apparently, for women coming off tamoxifen to see gynae oncology. That’s nice to know, I’m still reeling from my secondary diagnosis and now I have to be investigated by gynae, but just for routine? Something doesn’t add up.

i just saw this post.

i dont know much about being on xeloda and vaginal bleeding,or ta but i think your GP is right to refer you to your gynecologist.i would also call up your oncologist to let them know what is going on.

i only say this because a woman i met through a friend went through breast cancer,early stage disease and her period stopped due to the put her in menopause and she was on tamoxiffen. but about 2 yrs later she had some spotting/bleeding.she mentioned to her oncologist and was referred to her gynecologist.she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.tamoxifen can cause uterine cancer thats the biggest draw back.

the woman had a hysterectomy and is fine now.she is NED.

this isnt to scare you,but it should be checked out thoroughly.

Thanks for replying 2x, I appreciate your response.

For now I’m going to hang on and see, I’ve got so much other stuff going on, having just been diagnosed with lung mets and starting chemo again.

I’m 42 and did think that the chemo might have put me into menopause, but I did have 2 periods in Nov & Dec, after finishing chemo and starting tamoxifen last year. I’ve only taken tamoxifen for a few months. I will look into all, but I can’t honestly face another investigation right now.