Vaginal problems with letrozole

That’s good to know - I thought they might be the the same thing with different trade names xx

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I would endorse vaginal estrogen & Replens. However, I am on tamoxifen (at my request as not wanting to take an AI). I think I read somewhere that vaginal estrogen might be not be recommended if you’re on an AI.

It isn’t :cry:


I’ve had the same problem and my oncologist said they wouldn’t recommend any hormone creams. I’m on letrozole and palblociclib.

I’ve tried replens, Hyalofemme yes. Unfortunately none of them work for me. Still too painful and also causes itching.

I will try the pessaries and see if they make a difference. It’s a nightmare isn’t it.

Wishing you all lots of love xx

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Hi sues96…yes, its a real problem with Drs not giving us any advice on this issue…well, I am currently using Femallay Viamin E organic vaginal melts every night with applicator n seeing how it goes. I also use an organic vaginal lubricant with sex called sliquid…all on amazon. Worst thing is I can feel how raw I am up there without sex. But not giving up! Heres a laugh for all of you with all this crap were going thru…told my male hormone oncologist its like having vicks vaporub up the gina…not fun


I’ve had the same problem and my oncologist said they wouldn’t recommend any hormone creams. I’m on letrozole and palblociclib.

I’ve tried replens, hya

At least you’ve still got your sense of humour :grinning:

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this uncomfortable side effect. After some trial and error I can 100% recommend YES YES products. The water based moisturiser is available on prescription - so don’t let your GP fob you off! I hope this is helpful.


Hi TW142…thank you so much…its been a sh…t…if this Vitamin E melt doesnt pan out, will try

Good luck! I was in agony, with recurring infections until I was prescribed Replens which was ok until I saw what was in it. I attended an intimate health talk given by a Yes representative who was brilliant- see if your local Macmillan or Cancer support centre can offer any advice as I think she travels giving these talks a lot within M25 (don’t know where you are). Her first name is Lavinia and knows her stuff as she’s also had cancer. Or you could maybe contact her via Yes?

Hello hun,
Try hylofem from your Gp, I have it on repeat prescription. 3 times weekly works for me.
Big hugs x


I’m trying to get vaginal estrogen but GP reluctant. Breast surgeon says ok and talking to oncology team today. Hopefully will get prescription soon. I was on HRT gel and mirena coil with Vagifem before bc, it’s been a year and I need something more.

Dr Liz O’Riordan and Davina MaCall have both talked to Samantha Evans from Jo divine. They have health blogs and moisturisers and lubricants nd how some ingredients can irritate like glycerin.

This is a study published in November 2023
Key Points

Question Do females with breast cancer who use vaginal estrogen therapy, such as tablets or creams, have a higher risk of breast cancer–specific mortality?

Findings In this cohort study of 49 237 females with breast cancer, there was no evidence of an increase in early breast cancer–specific mortality with use of vaginal estrogen therapy compared with no hormone replacement therapy use after breast cancer diagnosis.

Meaning Findings of this study may provide some reassurance to clinicians and support the guidelines suggesting that vaginal estrogen therapy can be considered in patients with breast cancer and genitourinary symptoms if nonhormonal treatments were unsuccessful.

I was given this leaflet during chemo but s*x was the last thing on my mind

I have used Yes moisturiser and lubricant on NHS prescription. As well as Sutil lubricant from Jo divine. I have previously tried Replens and Sylx both caused irritation.

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Hi tw142, thank you so much! I live in state of Florida…Drs are good, but do not appear prepared to provide advice on this topic…think I will be emailing them today. I will check out the Yes product, as my current Vitamin E suppository is not helping. And, yes, I like to research organic/vegan products.

Thks for info Molly!

Hi naughty boob, great info…thks for research article too

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Well I spoke to oncology team who said vaginal oestrogen would be ok. So I booked to see GP after another UTI.

I was booked in with an unqualified physican associate ( can have any degree and 2 years fast track training/ not the same pathway asa doctor). She refused vaginal oestrogen without a letter from specialist ( oncology or breast surgeon). I had spoken to both teams and they agreed it would be ok and GP would prescribe. I took in a letter from a Breast Specialist SACT nurse with all the information she sent and the letter said she could write a prescription in clinic.

I got so upset I could barely talk, I went out to ask to see a qualified doctor. The doctor on call didn’t see me but the PA had said she ran it past the doctor…not when I was present. Doctor told receptionist that they would have done the same.

I have now phoned and left a message for breast team and oncology. Hopefully hear back from them easily next week.

If having BC is not enough I have to fight with unqualified people and then GP won’t speak to me.

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Hi again, this is absolutely crazy! For one thing, if you’re seeing a Hormone oncologist, they should be the ones giving you a script. I had a similar reaction from my GP when I said I was feeling side effects on Letrozole n wanted some basic bloodwork done due to fatigue, etc… She said I should see the Hormone oncologist with anything relating to Letrozole.
So, hope you can request the cream from your specialist…sounds like youre getting jerked around n thats not ok…

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So sorry to hear this. It shouldn’t be a lottery about if we can receive a treatment because people are uninformed about current research. Also it’s terrible that you had back up letters to say you could receive the vaginal estrogen and were still refused a prescription. Where in the UK are you? :heart:
I feel very fortunate to have a very understanding and informed GP. She was the one who suggested vaginal estrogen to me when I went to see her with severe recurrent uti and urinary probs.

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I’m in Wales. I have been waiting on a menopause appointment but it’s taking ages. I found the doctor who is the NHS in my health board and they do private appointments, I’m so tempted to pay but I’ve got to travel to Cardiff, 30 miles away.

I quoted the above study as well, so cross the doctor refused to see me. Decided to make a formal complaint.

Good for you! We need to stand up for ourselves, our health and needs, and tell our practitioners they need to educate themselves.
Its their problem how they reacted, not yours.
I just ordered the Yes product with applicators n hope this will help me feel better. Keep up your fight, girlpower is fierce!:loud_sound::loud_sound: