Vaginal problems with letrozole

Hi everyone, on Letrozole for 3 months now, and vaginal dryness is a problem, especially with sex. Tested for usual vaginal infections, and told by my hormone oncologist, this is a side effect of letrozole. Trying various suppositories etc… for lubrication…but still uncomfortable. Anyone find something that works?

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Have you tried the Balance Active pessaries from Boots? They say they help with chemo dryness and in experience they do!

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My GP gave me Replens moisturiser cream which I have found helpful. I am on Anastrozole.

I hope you get something that solves your problem.

Best wishes

Thank you. Yes I have done six months of anastrozole. I had the Yes moisturiser from the doctor but the peas Aries seem
Better for me!

Sorry I mean pessaries of course!

Hello @hydrangea , I have tried various products and found dr wolffs pessaries work well every 3 days. Unfortunately they are not available on prescription but the dr wolffs moisturising cream is so now i use that. I also use coconut oil on the labia and vaginal entrance. It is a completely natural product. There are many other products on prescription. A helpful gp will let you try one and then switch to another if the first one doesnt suit. Love Tulip x

Thank you! Never heard of it…wish Drs would have more info on this stuff

Thank you!

Thank you! Appreciate all the tips

Appreciate all the advice, thanks!

I’m just beginning with this and have started using Hyalofemme occasionally - they even sent me a free sample from their website . I think it’s available on prescription but I bought it on Amazon . It’s good . Xx

So happy to have found some more products to try…
Thank you!

I have been on Letrozole for two and a half years and in January started to have major issues with urinary frequency, uti like symptoms that were not positive on urine culture testing and severe vaginal dryness. I’d had vaginal dryness for a long time but sort of ‘put up with it’. One of our surgery’s gps is very knowledgeable and has had breast cancer herself. On examination she said I had vaginal atrophy. I was at desperation stage. Yes! vaginal moisturiser (can get fro Amazon) was an option but things were so bad this probably wouldn’t have been enough. She said to try vaginal estriol as the current research (2023) now shows it is safe to use as it only has a localised effect. She discussed the research (done by Dr Liz o’Riordan who herself is/was a breast cancer patient). The difference has been amazing. The estriol cream (prescription only) is used twice a week and then Yes! Vaginal moisturiser on other days.
If no relief with vaginal moisturisers it’s worth discussing vaginal estriol cream with your gp.
Hope things are improving for you.


Hi . I’m on Anastrazole for 2 months . I had the same problem . Ivd been using the Yes VM internal and external and it seems to help . Sutil lube . Still a bit painful .
I have hyalofemme but I haven’t tried that yet .
I haven’t mentioned vaginal oestrogen to my onco as I don’t think they want to give it on AIs but if it gets bad I will .,

Hi there . This can be a real problem. I used the yes moisturiser which helped a little but not much. I would suggest you discuss with your team about using oestrogen pessaries as these have been a real game changer for me . I use 2 a week and as I understand the risk is similar to taking 1 HRT tablet a year. Important though to discuss with your team . I still use the yes moisturiser.


Hi Linda, Thank you for info…I was on Estradiol for 15 yrs before bc diagnosis and it was great. Now hormone oncologist said not to take it, and its been awful. So, will look at latest research n have another chat with docs.

Hi klf, thank you for your reply…I think we all need to educate ourselves and share info like this forum, do our reasearch, and present it to our Drs


Hi Pitters, thank you for info…still trying various over the counter stuff, and giving a little more time before I see Dr

Hi again Hydrangea. Vaginal Estradiol is a much stronger form of vaginal estriol. I think estriol is quoted as 8% as potent as estradiol. Also only a very small amount is applied into vagina but it does the trick for me. In the uk it is marketed as Ovestin but is also supplied in exactly the same box and just name Estriol cream most of the time. Certainly worth a chat with your Dr about pros and cons. Xx

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Hi Linda, wow, didnt know that…thanks again…will check