Vascular invasion?

Although I’ve been using this forum since my dx in June, I keep coming across threads which talk about “vascular invasion” and would like to ask what is this? How is this diagnosed, is it at the same time as mastectomy or operation.

Sorry these question probably sound daft but I am just trying to gather as much knowledge as possible.

Thanks for help


If you use the search box at the top of page and type in Lmpho-vascular invasion you’ll get more information there. I too have lymphovascular invasion and was told after lumpectomy.
Hope this helps, I know its all very confusing

Helen xx

Hi Peacock,

Funnily enough i’ve just come back from my appointment with the oncologist,and i don’t have any vascular invasion as he said there was no evidence of cancer in the blood vessels around the tumour.

Thats a fairly basic description of it i know,i hope that helps you and i too was diagnosed in June.


Hi Peacock,
it is when the tumours start to grow their own blood supply so it can then possibly travel that way as well as through the lymph system. Some tumours have a substance that causes blood vessels to grow, this is called angiogenesis.
Hope this helps

I had a look at my pathology report which stated’ No evidence of vascular invasion '.I gather an ‘invasive’ tumour is one which has the potential to go into the surrounding blood vessels but hasnt necessarily done so Vx