Vascular Invasion

After 5 sessions of chemoi saw docter on monday she mentioned id got vascular invasion this has never been mentioned before imreally worrried now can anyone help ?
jenny x

Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know much about vascular invasion, but hopefully chemo should help reduce it. I think they look for the tumour markers CEA & ca153 when you have your blood test. They are always on my blood test, but I don’t know if I have VI as nobody as said yet. The levels can go down with chemo I think, but please check this info out and don’t take it as gospel. I’ll pop over to the Macmillan site and have a look at what they say on there - if anything.
Sending you big hugs Jenny, and wishing you luck too.
Love Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Jenny, I also have vascular invasion. I was told this when the histology report came back after op, although i have clear lymph nodes. the consultant explained that this meant that examination of the tumor showed that microscopic cells had possibly gone into my bloodstream , but not via the lymph nodes. They would be too small to be detected on any scans, and to eradicate them I would need chemotherapy. I start chemo on 19th April. presumably one of the reasons you are having chemo is because of the VI? Please check this, because I may have misunderstood. I find you get bits of info at different times depending on what you happen to ask and who you see! good luck Mel x

Hi Jenny

As well as the support you are receiving here do give the BCC helpline a call and talk this through with one of the members of staff, who are there to offer a listening ear as well as emotional suppport and practical information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Faciltiator

Hi Jenny,

Do you have access to a Breast Care Nurse Team who know your case. Might be worth giving them a ring to ask what was meant about Vascular Invasion.

I was told right from the start that I had “extensive vascular invasion”, I had mastectomy, axillary clearance, chemo and radiotherapy and I’m still here to tell the tale several years later

Hi Jenny

I too had lymphovascular invasion-lots of people do. It means that the cancer started to invade the tiny blood and lymph vessels on a microscopic level.

I’ve researched it extensively particularly as it scared me too. I know its not a positive thing to have -however its not an independent prognostic feature and there is no real clarity about what it means for those of us who have it apart from systemic therapy (chemo) might be indicated (for the reason Mel says above)

The research is contradictory too so its not really helpful to google it. My onc and surgeon didn’t say much about it and were more focussed on other issues such as clear margins etc

I know its hard not to worry but please don’t as it seems to me that you are getting exactly the right treatment. Best of luck xx

thanks ladies very helpful
jenny x

Hi Jenny, I also had extensive lymphovascular invasion but clear nodes. As I m post meopause ad strongly ER positive I have been told that I will not need chemo. I did query it as a grade 3 tumour but I have been told that for me chemo is not worthwhile as the Letrozole will starve any stray cells. I am 56 and am still having trouble accepting this as I want to be sure to have done everything necessary but the oncologist was very clear that this was what had been decided. I would say that as you are having the chemo that would be doing the same job. All the very best. xx

I too had vascular invasion although I didn’t know it at the time as ‘they’ didn’t say and I didn’t know to ask. I had a large tumour 9cm and significant lymph node involvement and the team were more focussed on this (and getting clear margins after my first lumpectomy and then mastectomy). I heard about VI and asked at one of my appts and was told yes I did have it - but they were not concerned at this as I had chemo and rads to eridicate any cells which may have escaped either through lymph nodes or in the blood stream. that was over 3 years ago now so fingers crossed the chemo did the job.