Vegetables/ new life

Has anyone changed their diet ?
Changed how they live ?
I decided to go organic 6 months after treatment.
I eat veg from the ground, literally got mud on it, ( I wash it off)I order from a organic farm in the UK have it delivered weekly.
So I’ve been eating cruciferous veg for like 2 years .
Stopped moisturiser,only use olive soap on my skin.

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I’ve done a few changes but nothing huge because studies don’t support their use. I eat a healthy diet which involves organic food but I don’t choose to eat just that. I check my makeup and lotions on EWG’s website and try to use what they suggest but sometimes I just choose to use something regardless because it’s that good.

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Hello @Be

Being diagnosed with cancer most definitely causes you to reassess your lifestyle.

The simple fact is you will almost certainly never know why you got breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter). All the advice points to reducing your risk of recurrence and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that you can reduce your risk by not smoking, reducing alcohol intake and exercise. It isn’t going to do you any harm in changing your diet or looking at labels but if you become completely obsessed with avoiding certain things to the detriment of enjoying life then I’m tempted to think that the stress (causing cortisol levels to rise) of doing this could be another risk factor

Personally since my diagnosis I’ve prioritised me much more, I’m more active and I drink less alcohol

AM xxx


Im not obsessed with food.
Just wandering if people have changed there lifestyle,
Or since treatment have there bodies have become different reacting to things.

I find since chemo, my body prefers it’s natural state, it don’t like chemicals, too much water on my skin,it loves veg! :grin:
I originally did it because I was fatigued, found that eating healthy I did not need to moisturise anymore my skin has become better in its natural form ,just sticking to a few things.:smiling_face:

I’ found out I’m intolerant to alcohol I don’t drink wine anymore,can’t eat grapes.


Hello again

I’m glad to hear you are finding your own route through :blush:.

As part of my ABC life I try as much as possible not to use the word “should” in my thought processes, it definitely makes for a happier life!

AM xxx

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I don’t drink alcohol anymore. That’s my only won’t do no matter what although If I feel like drinking something at some point, I will. Life is to be lived is my attitude now. Otherwise, I just try to eat healthy, avoid processed foods especially meat as much as possible and make wise choices.

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I stopped drinking alcohol around the time of my diagnosis. I tried having a drink a few months after radiotherapy. I have totally lost my taste for it!

I try to eat healthily. I cook from scratch almost every night and avoid ultra processed food and grow my own as much as I can.

I also think that life is for living, so have a few treats - too many over Easter!

I have read that exercise makes a very big difference with recurrence and I like to keep active. This is difficult to navigate at the moment as I have recently found out that I have developed lymphoedema, but light exercise seems to help that as well.

It is interesting to read what others are doing differently since diagnosis.

Katie x


I do exercise everyday. Mostly it’s just walking but it counts :slight_smile: