Veins in breast, I’m scared :(

In the last few months I have just noticed that there are veins that becoming increasingly visible in my left breast. I don’t remember if it was usually there or not, but I remember clearly before  they are there actually was but only a little. i have done mammae ultrasound two months ago and the result is fine, there is only 1cm lymph node but the doctor said it’s okay. I have shown the doctor about this vein and said that this is normal, but every time I look at my breasts, I feel afraid this is a sign of breast cancer. I’ve done breastfeeding 4 years ago, been gain weight-lose weight-gain weight-lose weight-and now gaining weight again. Or does this have something to do with the blood thinners I’ve been taking for the past 3 months? should i have my breasts checked again? Please help me. thank you all for your attention.

i’m going to put the picture here, sorry for the inconvenience.

can you spot the blue lines there?

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thank you xx


If you had an ultrasound and Mammogram 2 months ago, and a specialist observed and spoke to you about your results (they were fine), and you have a Doctor who says that the veins you are seeing are normal - then you need to trust their judgement. You have had some great news ! I am presuming that a manual examination was also performed ?

Health Anxiety about Breast Cancer is very common, and hyper focusing on something which is (you are told) a normal part of the human body is a powerful thing, and you can convince yourself there is a problem with that obsessive checking and fear.

The moderator has removed your image, but I can tell you this, visible veins are the norm for me - all over my body actually - but on the thin breast tissue I swear I am see-through and the appearance of those veins is not symmetrical I have a road map of blue veins, and some spiders veins too actually. Changing hormones, aging, weight loss/ gain/ loss/ gain, mean the human body is never static and if a Doctor tells you that what you are seeing is normal then - as the skilled professional who sees the human body all the time - that is the opinion to trust. I don’t know about the issue you raise relating to blood thinners (I am non-medical) - that would be a question for your GP. 

I have a feeling that your fear of BC is the root of the problem here, and working on believing the professionals is paramount. I know, I know how Health Anxiety goes - but are they all wrong ? What if they missed the area/couldn’t see it ? What if you are right ? Why are they not seeing what you are seeing, that is making you terrified ? What if, what if, what if ? At this point though all you can do is work on believing and reenforcing their opinions, rather than your fear. The uploading of a photo, hoping for reassurance, is a standard way that Health Anxiety is manifested, as it indicates not trusting the professionals who have seen you and preferring non-specialist strangers to confirm things for you. Those of us here who have been diagnosed and gone through the yearly mammogram/consultant manual check, have to trust those imaging results and specialist opinions on a regular basis, and believe that the system is designed to look after and do the best for you possible. You can do this too :slightly_smiling_face:

You can of course keep monitoring with monthly (and not obsessive daily/hourly) self-checks and return to your GP at any point if you notice anything change from this point. Perhaps a practice nurse would even consent to do you a monthly manual examination for a few months to ease your fears ?