Veins ??

I am currently having chemo and my treatment is through an IV.

At my macmillan unit they dont fit picc or portacaths and i’m wondering what will happen if and when a vein cannot be used… only had 1 session last friday when both veins in back of hand were blown.

chemo sister got cannula into my lower arm but tomorrow will be my second and I’m absolutely dreading it…  ???

Hi mini mad


I would think that they would have to refer you to another hospital to have them fitted - they can’t leave you without chemo. I had problems with mine but ended up with gloves on and my hand wrapped up in a heating blanket for 45 mins - luckily it brought a vein to the surface eventually - it did ache all the way through the infusion though:smileyfrustrated:


I would be interested to hear others stories as I am sure it must’ve happened to other people as well.


Good luck, I hope they get a vein easily this time

Hi MM. Fortunately I didn’t experience many problems but, after 12 chemo sessions, my arm still hurts 2 months later because the veins from hand to elbow are so tender. First, I would say that what happened the first time might not happen again. I had veins that sometimes misbehaved and ended up like you with my lower arm being used (once, the vein between my thumb and forefinger - the oncology nurses could be quite inventive) but then, next session, the same vein behaved itself. I found that some nurses were much more skilled than others so perhaps you were unlucky first session. I agree tho - if it happens this time, you should ask them to refer you to the nearest hospital to have something long-term fitted. After that, they can continue your treatments. It’s bad enough worrying about the chemo without the added fear of the pain of finding a vein. I hope it goes well for you at your second session. Good luck with the chemo.