Hello to each and everyone of you gorgeous ladies…

I’m looking for advice on venlafaxine has it curred your hot flushes? have you had side effects please ladies any advice will be much appreciated

Venlafaxine has definitely helped with my hot flushes and night sweats. I’m on the lowest dose at the moment. My GP is keen to up the dose but for now it feels like enough. 
I did find the first couple of weeks on venlafaxine tricky - I felt panicky and anxious. That is fairly normal I think - it’s just as your body adjusts and it did pass.  I’m just giving you the heads up - maybe it won’t happen for you - it should pass. 

Hi I take venlafaxine for hot flushes and anxiety. It definitely works for anxiety and I only get about one or two hot flushes a day now. I was on 75mg but found it effected my sleep and I was awake several times a night (a known side effect along with vivid dreams). I’m back on 37.5mg which is the lowest dose and managing well on them.