Verdict on 15 Radiotherapy Sessions


As promised, my update following the completion (Yea!) of my 15 sessions of Radiotherapy following a Lumpectomy and the removal of two Tumours from my left breast and Ancillary clearance.

Firstly everyone is different, some experience skin problems and fatigue during Rads, but I think it’s also helpful to know that there are others who don’t.  I arranged my 15 RT sessions for late afternoon to ensure I could do any necessary work in the morning when I was fresh.  I expended a lot of time to plastering on Diprobase cream, at least four times a day; wore old soft cotton T shirts next to my skin; no bra and drank lots of water. I haven’t experienced any skin problems and haven’t had the fatigue others speak of.  I am retired, with all my family having flown the nest so I don’t have the added pressure of working/family

Some 18 years ago I had a DCIS Lumpectomy/25 Rads and followed a similar routine, again I had no skin problems. I was a little tired but I did have all the children at home a busy life and put my tiredness down to that.

I am aware that the Radiation effects can continue for a while yet, but as with my previous Rads I’m hoping if I continue with my Diprobase for next 4 weeks, it will prevent any sudden flare ups.

Wish you well with your Rad sessions


Thank you for sharing your experience Silver, hope your recovery continues to go well  .