Very anxious worried about the future

I know I was lucky to get to 5 years NED last October. In 2013 I was diagnosed high risk for recurrence. 13/18 nodes positive. ER+ PR+ Her-. Grade 3, stage 3c.
I’ve had a brilliant 5 years doing stuff I never thought possible. But, suddenly I have a back problem and my mind is in turmoil. One minute I’m fine, almost accepting it, the next I’m petrified and want to run away!
Of course as soon as I got these symptoms I rang my BC team. They have organised bloods and a nuclear bone scan. But the waiting is awful. Another week until the scan, a further week for results is torture.
My spine feels tight. Pains in legs, tingling in buttocks. I am still active (I’m 57) but the pain is quite bad. I suppose all the horse riding isn’t helping.
I feel let down. I’ve had yearly mammograms, but no blood tests. Why not? I’ve since learned that ladies with high risk are given ca125 blood tests to monitor markers. I’m now fearful that it’s spread so far I’ll be incapacitated. I worry for my family. Husband isn’t in the best of health. How will he cope? I’ve done everything to try to keep healthy. Always take my meds, eat healthy, lost 4 stones! Don’t smoke. So unfair ;-(



I just did not want to go past your post without saying that we are thinking about you and sending you positive vibes. 


I know it is small comfort but it is possible that it could be something to do with a disc problem.  A friend of mine, who has not had bc, has had similar pain to yourself, pins and needles etc in her legs and bottom.  She had a scan done a few weeks ago, it has turned out that she has a bulging disc.


Sending you hugs


Helena xx

I am same as you 5 years Ned just had last yearly mammogram which was fine every ache is it cancer back so I get your worry . As said it probably is something other than what you think . I have just been to doctors about anxiety as it’s getting worse referred for counseling so I understand your worries if you need to talk you can message me x

Angibobs - I say never mind getting yourself to your docs for stuff to make you sleep. Get there to get this diagnosed ASAP, get it diagnosed as to what it is so you’re not worrying and thinking it’s cancer related. It’s only natural to, but as Helena says, there a big chance it’s totally UNrelated. 

Hope you’ve got an apptmnt sorted by the time you see this.

My doc never needs reminding I’ve had BC, always takes it into consideration with anything other that’s occurred (bless him). But some may forget, so give him a reminder that you have it as an extra concern.


For flips sake, do let us know how you go on, won’t you darlin’


Loadsa love, Delly xxx