Very important information re sugar and hyperglycaemia!

Hi Everybody,

I have just received some alarming information and I feel it’s so important I must pass it on.

I started on Trodelvy in March and after a reduction in dose have been plodding on reasonably well. At my last session Sister came and told me I needed to have my HBA1C and a random glucose check as this was a new protocol. When it was done and I got the results it seems I’d just tipped into the prediabetic range although my glucose was normal. This meant they would write to my GP to ask her to keep an eye on it. Why? When I got a copy of the letter there was an addendum on the bottom  that was a real eye opener. Blast it seems I can’t download it on to a message here. Ok so I’ll open a new message and laboriously write it out in full, so annoying. 


I’m interest to read what you letter says. Please let me know what you title it to check I can find it…

lou xxx

I have been having my glucose checked at my four weekly blood tests for the last year.  When I asked why I was just told vaguely it was a new thing.   When I was diagnosed with secondaries three years ago I was put on steroids (dexamethasone) for a couple of months to reduce swelling on my spinal cord and this pushed  my glucose right up.  I cut out as much sugar as I could and it stayed pretty normal after that but it gave me a fright.  I wish we were told these things in advance rather than finding out the hard way.

Hi all,

i am sooo pleased to read that they are now doing these checks.

16 years ago when I was having cancer treatment with op, chemo, radio, and meds, my energy levels were through the floor. The oncologist decided that this was all due to the cancer treatment.

One year after treatment, there was no improvement
I visited GP for another issue and they checked my Urine and discovered that I had diabetes and it had been there for some time.

I spoke to hospital and I was told that this check wasn’t part of their usual checks, they had seen that my levels weren’t right but decided that this was “just me”.

Best wishes to you all. Be kind to yourself.


Still adjusting to the new forum I can’t see what they told you? Is it the post or more? I have been on trodelvy since Nov 22. I’ve happened upon some personal results regarding high glucose readings had have come on here to post about it. I’m in the chair today and have asked for monitoring which is not a protocol here. Ive been wearing a monitor for two weeks. It’s through Zoe not NHS. I’m going to share results with GP and Oncologist. I’m alarmed by 48 hours during treatment. I’ve been thinking that sugar was low as feel awful and drained but it’s the opposite.