Very nervous before the results day

Hi, trying to stay calm and don’t overthink before the results are back but it is so hard to block it out of my head :frowning:
Just before Xmas I went to gp as I noticed change in my left breast, it was quite hard lump and painful at times. Straight away the gp said she is referring me to the hospital to check for cancer. At that stage, I surprised even myself with how calm I was and almost ignored all that cancer part. She gave me some details and said they will see me within 2 weeks. It was Xmas and new year so they only saw me on the 2nd January. Until the day before the appointment I managed not to think about it. On the day I was so nervous I couldn’t even tell them how old I am - so embaresing. They stared with mamogram and than I saw a doctor who reassured me he doesn’t think it’s cancer but just to make sure he ordered ultrasound. The lady who did the scan didn’t say much but she said she wants to do the biopsy just in case, I think she said because it feels hard, but I can’t really remember. She said the results will be back on Monday (in 5 days) and wanted to book appointment for me to come in. When she came back, I thought with the appointment time, she said that my mamogram found something on my other breast and they want to do more test and her colleague will explain it all to me. So basically they found some calcification on my right breast and she said usually it is nothing to worry about but because of how mine is spread they just want to make sure it’s nothing serious. I had vacuum biopsy almost right away. The results are due this Friday and I have already appointment booked for that, will get results of both biopsies than. I am trying not to think about it but it is so hard. Everytime I mention it to my partner he just says ‘you will be fine’. Can’t have a conversation with him about it. Few months ago I had another scare which turned out to just be a cyst, thank God, and had to wait nearly a month for the results, this time it’s just over a week but my anxiety levels are going crazy. Has anyone ever called the nurses that they gave you numbers for? And was it helpful? Thinking about it but not sure what to say to them apart from, that I am struggling to cope with the wait and stress

Sorry for the long post

Anna xx

Hi Anna,
There’s no way round it, inevitably anxiety goes with the territory when waiting for results & your partner’s response is not unusual, so glad you found us, it’s what the forum’s for.
It’s the uncertainty that’s so hard to handle, it is always much better when you know what’s going on, as until then the mind goes into overdrive in trying to fill in the gaps.
By all means, call the nurses if you want to, but at this stage, they probably wont be able to give any more info than you already know. You could also ring the helpline here.
Chances are all’s well, but even IF you do get a diagnosis, then bc is very treatable these days & it will be dealt with.
Thankfully, you’ve done all you need to for now.
ann x

Thank you Ann. I tried to keep myself busy today as the kids are back to school but as soon as I have moment all the thoughts are back. It is so silly as it could easily be nothing. But as you said, and thank you for that, even if they find something, it can be dealt with - which is the main thing. I guess what was really worrying me was, what if it is bc, I have 2 small disabled children, we cannot be going through that… But thanks to your coment I see it in more positive way. It also helped just to get it out of my system, not being able to talk about it doesn’t help and Google is not the best idea. So glad I found this forum xx

Hi Anna,
Chances are all’s well, but even IF bc is diagnosed, you will deal with it, we all do & get through it.
You’re right about google, there is a time & place for it but often it can generate a shed load of anxiety for no good reason, so best avoided as there’s nothing you can change at the mo.
Do let us know what happens
ann x

Thank you Ann, and will do. Only few days to go now so just need to try and not to overthink it until Friday xx

So it turned out to be the best of the bad news :frowning: on the breast with a lump I have stage 1 breast cancer and on the breast with calcification I have high grade DCIS, I was advises to have double mastectomy but awaiting MRI scan to talk more about my options, just trying to take it all in xx