Very scared


ive got an appointment at the breast clinic on Tuesday and I’m really scared.

for a good while I’ve been suffering a pulling sensation in my left breast and pain towards the middle of the breast and burning in my armpit. I spoke to the doc about it a while back, but as I’m 48 and having other perimenopausal symptoms I kind of got written off. I went and saw another doc and she referred me straight away. The pulling isn’t as bad now but the pain and burning are still there. Both the docs I saw felt the breast and neither them nor myself could feel a lump. I’m beside myself with worry. I’ve had an appointment at the breast clinic before and the lump turned out to be a cyst so I was lucky. I’ve had a couple of health scares recently and my hubby has come with me, but on Tuesday I will have to go alone as he can’t get time off work. This makes me feel even more uneasy. I also forgot to say that on a recent blood test my vit B was low and I read this could be because there’s cancer in your body. This is niggling at the back of my mind also. I’m really starting to worry as the time approaches. I hope someone else can relate to my fear. I’m just so scared

Hi. Im in a similar position- I have an appointment on Wednesday. Im 25… have a lump which is soft, along with other symptoms such as thickening. My mum had bc in her early 40s. It’s stressful waiting on the apointment. 

hi Dizmo,
Please ignore the vitamin B thing, there is a lot of stuff on the internet that is misleading. As we say here all the time, Step Away From Google about your symptoms, it only feeds anxiety.
You have done what you need to, to get it sorted & most likely all will be well. Inevitably anxiety can send the mind into overdrive - we’ve all been there, so do carry on as normal & do anything you can to distract yourself.
Many women describe symptoms similar to you & it turns out to be fine in the end, the anxiety is horrible though.
let us know what happens
ann x

hi Dizmoi,
Yes, the anxiety monster takes hold & we end up thinking the worst, but I now know that the reality is never as bad!
Also, as LadyB says.
take care
ann x

have that glass of wine, Dizmoo ?!

Falling off the wagon in a well deserved cause, Dizmoo & yes, LadyB & I have broad shoulders !!!
ann x

I well and truly fell off the wagon when I was diagnosed and not been back on it since!! ???

My advice is do what you need to do to get through this awful waiting period , it really is the pits! Will be routing for you next week ladies, always hoping for a good outcome for everyone but we are here if you need us! Xx 

Well I am home from my night away and the realisation that my appointment is tomorrow has sunk in. I literally feel sick. I am petrified now. The pain in my left breast has intensified whilst I’ve been away and it’s not been so easy to ignore it. I just want to run and yet I need to know. But I don’t want know to either. Its going to be a long night

It’s at 10.30

Thanks new! Xx

Helena xx ??

I’m back from the hospital after my appointment this morning. I was seen first by a young doctor who took some details and then examined me. They asked me lots of questions with regards to my other breast where they found cysts two years ago too (which slightly unnerved me.)The young doc said he couldn’t feel anything untoward and would get the consultant to come and have a look. I remembered the consultant as I’d seen him on my previous visit two years ago. He had a feel and came to the same conclusion. He did say though, that to be sure, he would send me another appointment out in four months time and if nothing changed, pain wise, he would then do a mammogram. 

So, relief … yes. Of course, it will still be in the back of my mind that it may still turn out to be something. But, I’ve been checked today, nothing has been found that concerns them and I’m now on their radar, so that if something does turn up in a few months, then it should still be in a relatively early state.

i do feel slightly guilty that I worried over nothing, when there’s lots of ladies out there fighting this disease for real. But I am a worrier! Three times in the past I’ve had scans for possible cancers and I’ve been lucky. These experiences have been life changing, as I now never take anything for granted, and do what I can to to help raise funds to find cures (Race for life and donate monthly). I am lucky and I’m very grateful for this.

Thank you to everyone on here who has commented and helped me though. It’s been amazing that you’ve taken time to help xx

Right, Newtothis, let’s get yours out of the way tomorrow! Thinking of you xx

hi Diz,
So pleased for you & you’re allowed to be anxious when waiting for appointments, quite normal! & even if bc is diagnosed its certainly not the end of the world, as many of us realise who have been through it.
I was one of the few who did not have to go through all the anxiety prior to the breast clinic appointment as I had no idea I had it, nearly didnt go for screening, then returned from holiday to find the recall appointment for the next day. I was then so convinced that it was ok, as I had had 1 clear mammo, that I even didn’t give it much thought before having to return for the biopsy results & hey, yes it was an early bc, but now out the other side.
take care
ann x

Thank you ladies so much for your support. I won’t forget it!

I wish you all the best health now, and in the future. You are amazing, brave ladies! Sending a hug of thanks xx

Newtothis, how did you get on?? X



fantastic news! So made up for you x

hi Newtothis,
Excellent!!! & thanks for your kind words.
But, noone here is braver or stronger than anyone else - anyone will deal with this if needed, but it’s so good to share.
ann x