very scared


It is a just over a year since I was diagnosed. I went for a follow up appointment with my surgeon today and he examined me and said I had an activated lymph node on my other side to treatment in my armpit and asked me whether I’d cut myself which I hadn’t but it had been a bit itchy and I thought it was a rash from shaving. He said I need a mammogram (which I had expected) but also a ultrasound of both armpits!

I had a mammogram which was clear thankfully but one of my lymph nodes is swollen slightly (on the other side to my the bc) and so they have taken a fine needle aspiration from it and I’ve got to wait a week for the results.

I can’t believe it, I feel sick and shaky and feel like it’s all going to start again. There is no reason to think it is suspicious, if I hadn’t had cancer they wouldn’t think anything of it but because I have they have to proceed with caution.

Has anyone else had anything like this?? I posted this previously on ‘after treatment has finished’ but didn’t get much response so have posted here instead.

Hi Judet1

Please call the helpline for further support and a ‘listening ear’ if you feel this would help, sometimes talking things through with someone can help you to cope when you are so worried. The number is 0808 800 6000 and the line opens today at 9am until 2pm and then weekdays 9am-5pm.

Kind regards

HI Judet1

Sorry, I have not been through what you are going through, just wanted to send my wishes and hope all is okay.


Hi Judet1
Hope you ok I had a recurrence but not like yours mine are skin mets but if you need to chat im hear
love mel