Very sore today

Hi Ladies,


Im back, I had my lumpectomy, reconstruction last Thursday, all has gone well, yesterday I had my drain taken out, today I had steri strips taken off, but my breast has been very sore on the inside today, it feels like I am having needles jabbed inside my breast, also my breast feels very heavy but doesn’t look anymore swollen, any ideas what this could be or any similar experiences.


Thank you 

Sue xx

Hi, glad you’ve got the op over with and can start the healing process. I had sharp wandering pains off and on for ages - still do now and then - not bad enough to be a particular problem. I just assumed it was everything settling down and moving around. It took quite a long time for my implant to feel part of me as well - was very conscious of it at first but gradually started to forget about it for short then longer periods of time.

Its really hard not to notice every last twinge and odd feeling and wonder whether it is something to worry about. I know I went back to my BCN a couple of times to get things checked out, she was very patient with me! x



Wow I have to get used to not calling you Yealand now :slight_smile:


It will be everything settling down, if you are worried just check in with your bcn.  The stabbing pains will probably be the nerve endings healing, I know I had that for a good few weeks after my lumpectomy and do still occasionally have them now, usually when I have done too much.


Helena xxx



You came into my thoughts this morning as I was wondering how you were doing?


Helena xx

Hi Yealand, with you on being sore! I’m two weeks on from my lumpectomy and lymph node excision. My District nurse reckons the jabbing pains are nerves trying to heal. Well, I wish they’d hurry up! She reckoned it was swollen because of the removal of the lymph glands, so body doesn’t know what to do with fluid. I’ve had to ice my arm and back tonight to get some relief as I feel as though I have a heavy plate in me. I’m doing my exercises religiously and am pleased with the movement , but my boob, arm and side are quite swollen, and I feel like PopEye! I’ve got my check up tomorrow so hope they can sort it out. I’ll let you know what they say, could be relevant for you?

Thank you for replies, hi Helena, I’m not too bad thanks, chemo delayed again due to wound not healing quick enough, now 6th April, attempted Picc line, wow, it didn’t occur, my veins are very narrow, all I got was a sore, swollen bruised arm, but never mind, cannulation for first chemo and will see how it goes, my 28 yr old daughter has found a lump, just waiting for appt at breast clinic, trying not to worry but easier sa8d than done, hop3 things are well with you, hugs to everyone xxx

Congratulations on successful op…the pain remains for some time and comes every now and then. It will take time to heal…

Thank you Helena, been for wig fitting today, gone back dark as I had to ho much lighter due yo grey lol, love new wig, I Hope the weather improves for you. Will update you when my daughter gets appt xxx

Thank you eian01. Feeling better every day xxx

Hi AnnieJ how did your appointment go? I too am suffering quite a bit of discomfort and my story and timeline are roughly the same as yours. Hope you’re feeling a bit better.