Very sore.

Have had 14/20 sessions of radiotherapy, feeling very sorry for myself. Skin very tight and sore, feels swollen and very heavy. The pain on times is unbearable and I have an awful rash. Just wish it was all over feel so sad!!!

Hi Woodentop
I have just finished 20 rads and know how you feel. The nurse told me to cover the area with aqueous cream but not rub it in as it can aggrivate your skin (you have prob been told the same) My Gp gave me a mild hydrocortisone cream for my rash which was a bit like prickly heat. You are nearly there so hang on in there good luck. x

Aw! Please don’t suffer in silence. I had 25 sessions but my skin only broke down two weeks after radio had finished. The radiotherapists gave me dressings and special creams to help. No-one is going to leap out of the woodwork like ‘Superman’ to help you - unfortunately, you have to chase help.

All the best,

do u have any advice on what to expect on having radiotherapy ive just sated my teatment and am unsure wtat to expect though out this treatment my treatment is ment to last just over 4 weeks and would like advice on after effects or any side effects that you may have had as ive read that there is very little effects with this treatment apart frombeing tired i seem to have a very sore mouth already

sorry you’re feeling like this, but at the same time glad i’m not on my own.i’ve had 13 out of 20 so far. i keep hearing that radiotherapy is easy and with few side effect’s. i feel so tired that i can’t think straight and my boob look’s like a belisha beacon! i’ve started to blister and just feel out of sort’s. i was’nt told about the not rubbing the cream in thing. i’ve been slapping it on and giving it a good rub to make sure it’s absorbed properly. don’t think i’ll be doing that any more!
keep plodding on xxx

Same here! I have just finished last of my 18 treatments and you could fry an egg on my right breast, its sooooooo hot! The hospital supplied Aqueous cream which the nurse recommends I put into the fridge before smothering liberaly. The tiredness didn’t hit until the third week when it really slowed me down, I am still working through treatment and found it difficult at that time. The hospital staff at Mount Vernon have been great but I hope never to see them again! Thinking of you all going through this - its uncomfortable but worth it.
Hugs to you all.

Hi there, i do feel for you, i have only had 4 rads so i don’t really know how you feel, just hope i don’t have the same probs as you, i hope you feel better real soon. Sandrae x

Hey guys Thanks for all your comments I was told by others that it would be a breeze and a walk in the park…which for me it certainly isn’t. Started having effects after the third session and it has gone down hill from there also suffering with occasional nausea after a session!!! Had my 15th session today and tomorrow is the first of 5 boost treatments just concentrating on where the tumour was.

Also finding it really hard with my 5 year old, as getting very tired now. Hoping things improve soon. Big hugs to all you brave women going through all this too!!! xxx

Hey Nanny4, Eveyone is different but I had redness and dry skin from session 3. Use plenty of aqueous cream, apply regularly and plenty of it!!! I also developed a rash after about two weeksfor which they gave me some hydrocortisone cream. Nipple is very sore and sensitive andskin is becoming rough whilst being very very red and painful. Keep telling them about every little thing they are there to help you after all!!

GOOD LUCK with your sessions hope it all goes well xxxxx

Hi Nanny4
If you look further down the page of topics listed under “undergoing treatment: radiotherapy” you will find one titled “What Side Effects to Expect - and When”, which may answer some of the questions you were asking earlier.

Hi all,

I am not an expert on this subject but I decided not to use aqueous cream on my skin as it was only produced as an alternative to soap and does not moisturize. There was a recent article on this in the Mail. I am a great believer in Aloe Vera so used the gell morning and night and immediately after my rads. It protects and moisturizes and heals burns. I did not burn although I have very fair skin.


I’ve tried both Aloe Vera and aqueous cream, expecting aloe vera to be more soothing, but found that aqueous cream was better because it’s more soothing and moisturising, the aloe vera doesn’t seem to do as much on the moisture front. The aqueous cream is a bit sticky, but keeps my boob feeling soft for quite a while afterwards. My latest tactic is to slap a load of the cream on, then stay undressed whilst I do the exercises to let it soak in. Perhaps not a pretty sight, but it works for me!

I have had 8/30 treatments and no problems so far but after hearing all this I am going to get the aqueous cream out… Fatigue not a problem yet, in fact my energy seems to be improving with every day I get further from chemo (5 weeks today since last one).

Hope it gets better for you, pain sounds awful, very demoralizing to be in pain.

It’s really difficult to know what to do for the best - some are not recommending using Aquious other hospitals give out gel pads etc but then others dont and expect you to grin and bare it … no flippin consistency at all. I found aquious didnt help and only made it worse so was told to keep it dry and clean - equally Simple Soap irritated too So sorry you girls are suffering it not easy after all you’ve been through . Once you get on the final stages you’ll be amazed how quickly you improve - even though some of you may get to the end of your tether - when that arrives you’ll soon be on the mend - it’s a 'rights of passage ’ thing. Anxiety eats up energy and I believe that really is the main cause …and then we cannot get comfortable enough to sleep so tiredness again finds another way in. Its good to hear from you girls who are defeating it .

Am now almost 6 weeks from last rads and still using Acqueous cream. Skin has held out OK but have burning,prickly and shooting sensations in affected breast similar to after WLE but this had settled after surgery and kicked in again at 2nd rads. Also real tightness across top of breast and into axilla. Have really done all the exercises but have now been referred to physio, any ideas ladies?On a positive note can feel some energy seeping back.
Love to all.Jackie

Had 7 out of 15 rads and it is warming up nicely, got two days off so hope it cools off a bit, the best bit of advice I was given was to put the aqueous cream in the fridge for when I get home/before bed - bliss!
Seen a post about Calendula cream/oil on one of the threads, has anyone tried this out?
curly lol x