Very, very tired on tamoxifen

Hi everyone

My mum’s been on tamoxifen for over a year now and she is getting very frustrated because she still gets very tired. She was hoping she’d be able to do a lot more than she can at this stage and was wondering if anyone else was feeling this way. And more to the point, what to do about it!

On a seperate note, she’s getting some tightness in her chest area, which may have more to do with an acid reflux problem, but I thought I’d mention it just in case that rings a bell with anyone and has a link to tamoxifen.

I wish you all lots of positivity and strength!

Summer xxx

Hi Summer

I too have been on Tamoxifen for over a year now and feel extremely tired even if i do nothing… I have spoken with my Consultant and asked why after all this time am i suffering this only now…He told me everyone is different some people will get symptoms quicker than others its just part and parcel…Mmmmmm
Didnt answer my question really but i got the jist of things…
Dont think this really answers your thread but i just know that now i have a tiredness sleep cannot even cure it…
Best Wishes to u and ur Mum

Allison xxx