Very worried that cancer has already spread

Hello, I’m 43 & have two kids aged 10 & 13. I found a lump two weeks ago today, saw GP the same day. This Monday I had mammograms followed by ultrasound & core biopsies taken from two areas & one lymph node which was slightly enlarged. The consultant has said already that it’s almost certainly cancer and about 4cm. I’ve got an appointment next Wednesday & the waiting is horrible!

On top of this I’ve had symptoms of dysautonomia for years (tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, fatigue, heat intolerance). January 2022 I had covid, then in April many of my underlying symptoms became worse, plus new ones of one sided numbness, insomnia and brain fog. I went to the GP worried I had multiple sclerosis, but blood tests revealed low ferritin & vitamin D. The numbness and brain fog got better, but fatigue has gotten progressively worse. I then concluded it was likely long covid. I’m also suffering from headaches (something I never really had frequently) and lots of bone pains.

I have a really sore area of rib which I noticed the same day as the breast lump. I’m now terrified that the symptoms which have been increasing in number & getting worse over the last 10/11 months are all really from underlying cancer which has spread to my bones and brain.

Apologies for the long post, but I’m really scared that my prognosis isn’t going to be good.

TreeBee sorry you find yourself here and reaching out for advice while you are waiting for results to know if you do or do not have Breast Cancer. Please do use the number on here and speak to a nurse you will be able to discuss all your concerns with them and they will be able to professionally speak to you about everything that’s giving you these questions the waiting to know if difficult we all understand but please try and hold onto until a professional tells you at your results appointment you have breast cancer, you do not have breast cancer. Keep reaching out on here while you are waiting, everyone is here :two_women_holding_hands: please do speak to the nurses, they will help you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi TreeBee,

I’m in a similar position, and worried that it has spread to my arm bones. My bloods also came back the same as yours and I had covid in Jan 22 and have since been suffering extreme fatigue. I am 49.

My pain and numbness started Oct 22, followed by a swelling/ lump in armpit Dec 22. GP thought not suspicious so arranged for non urgent ultrasound, which I had on 15/02. Lump is a cyst, but abnormal lymph nodes detected. 
Had breast clinic appointment 02/03, suspicious area found in right breast, so biopsy of that and lymph node done, appointment for results on 09/03.
Consultant said when he first examined me he scored me a 1, following the mammogram and scan they have re scored a 4.

I hope you get positive news on Wednesday! The waiting is awful, think I’ve googled everything possible but still can’t stop looking.

love Jo x