Very worried !

Hello Girls
Im looking for advice about Zoladex and how long we should be staying on it. Im 2 yrs post diagnosis and 18 months post mastectomy.
I had a grade 2 oestrogen pos tumour with widespread DCIS but no lymph node involvement.
My onco says its probably time to stop the Zoladex now my 2 yrs is up, but isnt recommending any further treatment because I have fibroids I shouldnt take Tamoxifen and pre menopause so cant have Arimidex.
Wont this mean that if the oestrogen starts being produced again I could develop another tumour?
Feel in a dilemma and dread the thought of going through this again.
Does anyone have any advice please? Love GOLDIE xx


Would they remove your ovaries perhaps? It is a day surgery and easy if you don’t plan to have, or have any more, children. You would then become post menopausal and suitable for an Aromatose Inhibitor such as Arimidex.

A tricky one Goldie. I think it will depend on whether you want to keep your fertility as the only way around the pre-menopausal bit is to remove or have radiotherapy to your ovaries to stop oestrogen. 2yrs on Zoladex seems the norm but it may be worth asking if you can stay on it for longer? Oestrogen is still produced by the body even if you are post menopausal but at least you can have Arimidex.

I’m in the situation of having developed 2ndaries after a very hormone receptive tumour was removed 4 yrs ago. I had Zoladex for 2 yrs and my concern was oestrogen coming back - which it did as my periods started again. I still think this has been the cause of my 2ndaries but there’s no ‘proof’. I was on Tamoxifen as well but this stopped working, hence the ability of the BC to spread. I’m hoping this doesn’t scare you but this is one view of it but does not happen to every one obviously. Again, I think it will be down to your age and current situation as to what happens and what you would like to have as a follow up plan.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Nicky x

Thanks for your comments girls, I still dont know what to think but will have another chat with the Onco . Need to get results of bone density scan first and then consider all options.
Bet wishes to all