very worried

I have been under the breast clinic for a number of years with one problem or another, i have jst been back to the clinic and had tests, i have been having breast discharge for a couple of years and they wanted me to have an operation to remove my ducts, i have jst recently been told i have dense breast tissue and several small cysts and i am still worried that they might have missed something, my twin sister was diagnosed with grade two bc three weeks ago, any advice would be appreciated.

would someone please tell me if i should have had a needle biopsy to confirm if it is breast cysts that they have seen on a scan after
seeing something on a mammogram. sara

Cysts and cancer look very different on scans so try not to worry.I know that is much easier said than done.Sorry to hear about your sister,

I think if your worried and you obviously are and due to your sisters dx, you have every right to have further tests. Is there a breast nurse you could ring and speak too about your worries. I have had a breast lump this year, and other health scares, I am having a problem with my bowels and also have a suspected Melanoma on my back which is being removed. I had an appointment at the colon clinic next thursday, but phoned today and explained how anxious I was and about all the other crap that has happened, they lady said you dont need to explain I can see on here how many clinics you are under and also your breast cancer scare, no wonder you are anxious, she was so kind to me, and has moved my appointment through to this Thursday. So ring and explain your fears, people do listen and you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Ps I know what its like to worry about things, anxiety is a horrible thing, I am afraid I suffer badly with it and that itself can make you unwell, but remember one thing, you know your body better than anyone else.

Give them a call today, even if you just have a chat with somebody, it might help.


When I was at the breast clinic they did US scan on both breasts - the left breast showed a smattering of small white bits which indicated fluid filled cysts (so small and not troublesome so no action taken) - in the right breast along with a couple of white dots (again cysts) there was a black area which was the lump I had felt - this was the cancer.
They do look very different on the screen. Please try not to worry too much, I know it’s difficult especially when there is another member of the family who has been diagnosed.

i have spoken to someone today on the phone from this site, they were very helpful and told me to get back in touch with the nurse and explain my worries, i just think that a needle biopsy should have been done as well to triple check after the mammogram and usc, i jst think with dense breast tissue, cysts and nipple discharge and my twin being dx, i jst want to be sure, thanx for your replies they are very comforting.

I can understand you being so concerned and am sure the clinic will understand too. Good luck and fingers crossed for a clear result to all further tests.

Hi I’m very new to this;
I had a routine mammogram in July, a mass was found, so had the 2nd mammogram, which showed a 3.5cm mass on the left side of my left breast. My ultra sound is scheduled for September 11. I’m becoming a wreck, any words of advise?

Hya Jane
My advice would be to get in touch to see if they can get you in earlier, they did with me when i told them about my sister, i know its easy to say but try not to worry,

Hope you get on ok at the clinic, let us know, best of luck,

Hi Sara;
I actually called the Ultra sound clinic (same as the mammogram clinic) and asked to be put on a cancellation list, but so far no luck.

I feel better about it today, only because it is just 7 days/ 1 week/ next week away, so I suppose I can hang on. Patience isn’t one of my strong suits though. . I gotta tell you.

Sara, I hope all goes as well as can be expected with your sister, and I sure hope things are ok for you.
I’m wishing you happy good thoughts.

Hya all,
Going on holiday this tuesday, going to forget about everything for a while ( i hope ),
will chase the bc nurse when i get back, feel awfull really because the day i go on holiday my twin goes for second round of chemo, i hope she will be ok,

Thanks Sarahdenn for thinking of me.

I had a scope thing stuck up my bottom (not very nice) lol and he is sending me for a colonoscopy which will be done this month, so not go to wait! I was worried I would have a long wait and phoned up the hospitals private wing and found out the procedure costs £1600 which is alot of money when you don’t have private health care! He said that because of my age, he would think it won’t be the dreaded C word, but I need to have that to rule it out. I have decided to try and put it to the back of my mind, as I suffer from severe anxiety, which is not very nice and don’t want to drive myself nuts with worry!

Thanks for asking, and I hope you have a lovely holiday (I hope its not in the UK due to the vile weather)!! or if it is the weather brightens up!

Love Jules xxxx

Hya Jules1964, Thanks for the reply, no my holiday was not in England, we went to Greece but still managed to get our apartment flooded, lol, hope things are well with you,
I have had some results through and just wondered if any one could enlighten me if i write down what they are,
many thanks in advance.
My results for wet slides after i had my mammogram and scan are as follows,
the smear shows abundant proteinaceous debris admixed with foamy histiocytes and very occasional degenerate epithelial cells, the few degenerate epithelial cells may even represent squamous cells from the nipple,
As you might agree i am still very worried with the nipples discharge and the cysts and breast thickening in B2 i dont know what to do for the best now, twin sister doing ok, third lot of chemo next week,
hope some one can help,

hugs to all and hope you are all well,

Hya all
Thought i would let you all know that my gp has decided to get a second opinion with everything that is going on, he was not happy that a needle biopsy was not done and thinks that with all my history and my twin sister having bc that all avenues have to be explored, will let you know the outcome,
Hope everyone is keeping ok, hugs to all
Love Sara

Hey Sara, good on your GP at least it will let you know what is going on. I am waiting for an appointment for a second opinion too as my GP felt I should have had a biopsy - what is it with these consultants???

Good luck, I hope you get the results you are looking for.

Lynnette xxx

Hey poppyjasper,
my gp has said that they think they are gods and playing with peoples lives, he is writing a letter saying that we are not happy at all, he can not belive that they did not investigate the breast thickening when he can clearly feel it, that with dense breast tissue and the nipple discharge i was not happy that they did not fully investigate it, they would not have seen it on the mammo because it is to high, it is in the same place that my twin has her tumour and my gp is taking tno chances, hope youa appointment comes through soon and you get on ok,
Good luck
Sara xxx

And good luck to you too Sara, my appointment is through now but it is not until 4th Nov, so trying to get it moved forward.

Yours sounds similar to mine with no actual lump just thickening! I hope you get it sorted asap xx

Good luck poppyjasper,
Hope you managed to bring you appointment forward, im thinking of going private, my partner and family have said that enough time has been wasted, well my twin sister has shaved her hair off, fair play i say, she looks so much healthier this way, the last lot of chemo really tired her out but she is getting back to her normal self now, she should of had a ct scan yesterday but they couldnt do it because her veins were inflammed from the chemo, she has got one more fec then on to tax, nearly half way there for the chemo side of things,
Let me know how you get on,

Hugs Sara xxxxx

Hoping that the doctor will call with news tomorrow, will let you guys know when I hear anything. I cant afford to go private anyway, but if you can then perhaps you should. I hope your sister’s treatment goes well and that you manage to get some proper answers soon.

Lynnette xxx