Very worried

I had appointment at breast clinic back in June 2012, had clear mammogram and told to keep an eye on underarm lump. told if it stayed the same size or grew to go back and biopsy would be done straight away due to family history. Had many problems over summer months so didn’t go back to clinic although armpit lump was still there. Lump is now considerably larger and hard and other lymph nodes seem to be raised around armpit. Have also found small pea sized lump in breast and have been experiencing pain in arm. The lump itself is painless. I know they are not cyclical. So worried right now and am kicking myself for not going back in the summer.

Hi Zee71

I’m sure your fellow forum users will be along shortly to offer you some support. Our helpline team are back working tomorrow at 9am if you need someone to talk to in person. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000.

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Jo, Facilitator

Hi Zee71
You must go to the Dr to get it re checked but im sure you know that x It may well be an infection thats causing the enlarged lymph glands its not uncommon and the breast lump could be to do with that or a cyst but you MUST get it seen you will only worry yourself sick if you dont and the not knowing can be worse believe it or not, make that appointment tomorrow and let us know how you get on hun, good luck


Hi Zee, as Lottie says the worrying is worse than knowing. Whatever the results are you are taking control.
the ladies on this forum will be here to help and support you whatever the results are.
let us know how you get on

kay x

Have been brave appointment with GP on Friday. Thanks for the support ladies will let you know how I get on. Xxx

Hi Zee71
Well done for taking the plunge! Will be thinking of you xxx