Very worried

I’ve been experiencing breast pain in my right breast for about a month - I only became aware that pain can be a symptom of BC last week (a friend put an awareness post on Facebook about it) so I made an appointment to see my GP on Friday. Doctor examined me and said she could detect some thickening and has referred me to a breast clinic ‘as a precaution’. I really thought she’d suspect frozen shoulder as I do have a dodgy shoulder, and the pain sometimes extends down my arm. 


I’m pooing myself. 


I know that the majority of clinic appointments turn out not to be the big C,  but is that also the case when the referral is for thickening and pain? Should I be reassured by the phrase ‘as a precaution’ or do they always say that? I was in too much of a tizz to ask her what else could be causing the symptoms. Can anyone help? Please. 



Hi Mrshi,

As with lumps, breast thickening & pain is also most likely  not  to be bc, there are many women on here with these symptoms who get the all clear. Fortunately, you have been referred, so the breast clinic will get to the bottom of it. Even, if on the off chance it is more serious, then the sooner it’s dealt with the better.

Waiting is always the pits, but you’ll get an answer soon.

ann x



Welcome Mrs Hi, Dont beat yourself up about not going to screening, we would all rather not go and there will be plenty like you who choose not to and go on to be just fine. As the other lovely ladies have said things are likely to be just fine, Breast cancer is often the least likely reason for lumps, thickening and breast pain! We’ve had many come and go here having got the all clear and all having gone through what you are now, some of us obviously get diagnosed but I can tell you it isn’t the end of the world, of course it’s devastating at the time but you come to learn a lot and in the majority of cases it’s highly treatable , I’m coming up to my second anniversary in Feb and am doing just fine , try not to get too ahead of yourself for now as it will drive you batty with worry trying to second guess what may happen, keep planning for Christmas and as busy as you can , whatever happens you will be cooking that turkey regardless!! Xx