Very worried

I am very worried I have breast cancer  and know |I should see a Dr but am too frightened by what I might find out to do so.

Has anyone else had top shoulder pain and  sometimes nipple tingling as a sign of breast cancer? I also have one breast bigger than the other and the nipple a different shape but I think I have always had that.

The worry is dominating my life and i feel very depressed. It has taken me many weeks to even contact this forum but I am now desperate.  My main fear is that I will have to have a mastectomy.

If anyone can reply I would be grateful. 

Most women have one breast bigger than the other and it’s very likely the differences you see have always been there .Delaying going to the doctor means that you are increasing the likelihood of a mastectomy if you do have breast cancer - many women with early stage breast cancer don’t need a mastectomy . Please stop torturing yourself and get this checked out.Many of us on this forum getting on with our lives years after after breast cancer treatment - if you do have cancer it’s very likely treatable and there is lots of support and advice here .Jill x

Hi Saph 

I know how you feel, I was in the same situation, however I went to the Dr, and I was sent to hospital where I was subsequently treated for BC. 
I’m glad I went when I did, because it was very treatable, and I’m now all clear. 
It may be nothing, a strain or sprain. 
The anxiety will make you feel worse. 
Take a friend for support. 

I would go to the doc. If you have it it is better to know and if you don’t then you don’t have to worry anymore? I just did the same… I hate docs but I figured I’d rather know then have my mind filled with worry. I have an appointment for a mammogram and ultrasound. Good luck!