Verzenios and lung problems

Has anyone experienced any lung problems/damage whilst on Verzenios? I had been taking it for two and a half months when I got Covid and significant lung changes seen on CT scan. They are trying to determine if due to Covid, Radiotherapy, or possible side effect of Verzenios

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Hi sorry you haven’t had a reply yet , just responding so hopefully someone with relevant experience will spot your post. You could also maybe ask in the Ask our Nurses your questions section of the forum about this possible side effect . Hope things improve for you soon.

Hello Italian girl

I have been on Abemiciclib over a year now and not had problems with lungs apart from current phlegmy cough due to a cold.

I am wondering if the reason you have not had replies from fellow Abemiciclib patients is positive in that lung problems from the drug are rare, even though a possibility?

It seems bad luck to get Covid so soon after starting Abemiciclib. What are the changes to your lungs and what are your symptoms?

I really hope it isn’t too serious.

Best wishes


Dear Abemified, Thank you for your reply. Hopefully you’re right and no one on the Forum has had lung problems from Abemaciclib which would mean it’s extremely unlikely. I had a CT chest scan on arrival in Sydney at the beginning of January (had bought myself an incredible deal two weeks before cancer diagnosis last year )…. I couldn’t put one foot in front of another on arrival. Covid diagnosed and significant lung damage. Report very technical but basically Australian report showed some fluid, some collapse, ground glass opacities etc. I was coughing up bright red sputum for a month, but thankfully that has improved to nearly normal. From doing 8000 steps minimum a day I’m down to 4/5000, and puff somewhat on inclines. Since my return I have had wonderful treatment , seeing my consultant , having another CT scan three weeks ago, (which showed “significant changes” from a scan done in September here as a couple of lung nodules seen pre my June operation) and another one booked for two weeks. My consultant feels damage due to Covid, but can’t yet rule out a rare side effect of the medication. Abemaciclib was suspended for 5 weeks but restarted on low dose of 50 mg two days ago. She will know more hopefully after the next scan when I see her again in March.
I was interested to hear if anyone else has had lung problems.
Very encouraging to know you have been on the medication for a year now. I know it’s important to do the two years .
Thank you for your support - it means a lot

Gosh Italian girl. You seem incredibly reislient and matter of fact after such bad luck when hoping for winter sun and the holiday of a life time. It all sounds very complicated and a lot to get your head around on top of breast cancer treatment.

You almost need a Covid forum to know how common it is from Covid.

Just so impressed how up beat you are being and that you have a good consultant. It is times like this that I end up thinking there are worse things than breast cancer and none of us know what is round the corner. Fingers crossed you get back to previous level of fitness and well done you for all that exercise.

Perhaps you would get a reply from somebody who has had lung problems from Covid, if it wasn’t just people on Verzenios likely to read this thread? Maybe we need a new thread, breast cancer and Covid?

Wishing you all the very best


Hi Italiangirl

I have been on Abemaciclib for almost a year on the max dose and I have not experienced any lung issues. My oncologist did tell me that it is a very very rare side effect and also that if it is experienced it would be at about 6/7 months in - I dont know why.

Best wishes


Thank you Mary, it is re-assuring to hear this from you. Hopefully my lung problems are due to Covid and will improve more with time.

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