Vibration at core biopsy site

Has anyone felt a vibration in the wound area of core biopsy. ( like a mini mobile phone on vibrate)
It is brused and swolen in a lump and I can feel the vibration through my clothes.
Is this anything to worry about. Very strange

Hi Vintage. It sounds to me as if they might have hit a nerve. Nerves can give off that vibration sensation. Doubt whether it’s serious and will probably settle down but perhaps phone BC nurse or GP just to make sure and reassure you. 

Pat xx 

Hi Vintage


i have had exactly the same kind of feeling on the outside of my boob going up to my underarm and then felt it today at the sight of where my lump,was removed. I had my WLE and SNB on the 20th May I initially thought it was my lymph nit knowing where to go after the lymph nodes where removed. Now I have had it near my cleavage side where the lump was I think it must be a nervy pain. It’s a very weird feeling . 


Sounds like your nerves ladies, mine tingled and twitched for months after my op, most bizarre sensation but perfectly normal! Xx

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know in case it happens to anyone else.

I called my bcn yesterday and explained the vibration to her. I think she thought I was imagining it. She called another hospital for advice and got back to me. No one had heard of it, but said it could be nerves.

I seen my oncologist today, and he was very surprised to find what I was claiming was true.
He has never came across it before eather. But he thinks that when he did the core biopsy he remembered it bleeding a lot, so he thinks he could have hit a vane and artery at a crossing point and they have now joined together , causing the vibration !!! Nothing Realy to worry about he says. Just anoying.
I am having my MX on 16th June anyway.

Thanks xx