Villiage in N'Hants

Anyone from arround the Davenrty area…was diagnosed 2 weeks ago had ump and sentinal lymph node bi-op now got to have mastectomy grade 3 cancer anyone in my area even if it just to chat to on msn feel so alone only me n the kids and its scarry xx caz

Hi Reddragon,
you are not alone! Although I don’t live in Daventry I work in Northampton and have links there and can happily meet up for a chat if you would like to.
I live in a village between MK and N’hampton.
I was diagnosed last January and had a Mastectomy, chemo an rads at NGH. Back to work in Sept and appear to be doing ok - but who knows.
Hope you will respond and we can take it from there.
Keep smiling

Hi, I live near Daventry, I was grade 3 finished treatment though

I live in Northamptonshire, would love to chat to you and looks like there are others too. I live in a small village in South Northamptonshire. Daventry is not too far from me.
Could we all arrange to meet up maybe?