Hi every one,

I have tried AC chemo and Taxotere but my cancer is not responding.

I may have to try a new one next week called Vinorelbine and Carboplatin…
I understand they are 2 different chemos but given as one.

Any body experienced these before,and what are the side effects?

I would be greatful for any feed back

Hi Shell

I’ve replied on your other thread.


Thanks Jane. I just hope with having them together doesnt cause twice the side effects, i dread the thought of all that sickness again…

Hi honey

I have no experience of either, but hope they bring some changes for you, and that you beat the side effects.

Sorry for not ringing, been juggling teething babies, but will ASAP I promise

Love & hugs, Rebecca x

HI there Rebecca

Dont worry about not ringing, i know what its like juggling kids and home life about and then we have to put up with this shitty disease and side effects…When will it ever end.???

Hope you and your family are well,

Take care.

I’m sorry that your cancer is not responding to treatment. I’m similar to JaneRA in that we’ve both had those chemos but not in that combination. I have n’t read Jane’s reply - too late in evening to be hunting around!!!
I had vineralbine on its own and had really good results. I had two weeks on and 1 week off and had it intravenously. You can have it in tablet form. I found it did not make me feel sick or anything really. I used to drive myself there and back for the chemo. I did get tired by the 5th cycle. My main problem was that it was extremely painful to run into my vein and although they run it it in under 10 minutes, I found the vein pain lasted all week. It improved when I had intravenous hydrocortisone first and through a blue cannula with lots of heat pads and would use heat pads at home as well. I and several other women who had it at the same time got lots of leg, hand and chest cramps which are a painful nuisance. I never felt sick but did get diarrhoea but 80% of people get constipated!!
I had carboplatin with gemcetabine and again had no problems with sickness but tiredness was a problem and my hair did thin. It worked for 8-9 cycles. Again, it was a little painful to have intravenously but by this stage I’d had a lot of chemo so I suppose anything was going to hurt.
Really hope this combp works for you.


I hope its going to be ok when i have them together, i feel like some kind of experiment , i dont know or havnt heared of any one having them together.
I just hope they start to kill off this shitty disease that is eating me away(or so it seems) if you know what i mean??

Anythings worth a try hey??