Vinorelbine or Doxorubicin?

Hi All, I haven’t posted for ages but have been keeping in touch with how everyone is doing. Just had results of my latest CT scan and after relative stability at the previous scan 2 months ago I now have progression with new areas in the liver and substantial growth in the chest lymph system plus a possible in one lung. I have been ploughing my way through chemo’s over the past 4 years (FEC, Abraxane, Capecitabine and lastly Eribulin), 7 cycles of this gave me relative stability from June to today but now it seems it’s on the march again.

anyhow my oncologist has discussed two options today (well three if you count not having any treatment at all) either Liposomal Doxorubicin or Vinorelbine. I am not sure which way to go, I think the Dox will be more toxic but is that the best option - to hit it harder rather than being too gentle? My blood counts have suffered with all my chemo’s &  I have had blood transfusions with all of them so I know I will be in the same boat again.

Any advice from your experience would be gratefully received! Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t give us a choice, it makes things more difficult.

Smartie x

Hi Smartie, good luck with your chemo whichever you choose. I have had Capecitabine, Doxorubicin, Paclitaxol and have just started Eribulin. I also have all the transfusions along the way too. How did you get on with Capecitabine? I ask as I was told it might be possible to return to it. I had great results from Doxorubicin but a year later I developed serious heart failure so do make sure you are well monitored throughout. I had no idea but it’s a chemo which is known to be a risk but most patients are absolutely fine, I was one of the unlucky few. I have now fully recovered from heart failure. Take Care.