Hi every one
I am gutted to be told my secondries have returned in my liver-I am refusing intra-chemo as had FEC 5 years ago and will not lose my hair again-grrrh I am starting tablets of vinorelbine next week. Has any one had this? How did it efffect them?
Thanks. Shazcm

hi shaz i was gutted too when i found out i have secondariesin my lungsabout 5 weeks ago, i was put on xedola and was into my 2nd lot and was fushed into hoispital on monday night with a chest infction , they did a chest ray and it showed my mets had changd but foir the worse so that wasnt working so ive now been put on Vinorelbine started it lost nightso will keep u posted, same with u
kaz xxxxx

Hi Kaz,

Really hope this chemo. works wonders for you.

All the best, Sarahx

I had Vinorelbine last year and found it to be a very easy chemo with virtually no side effects, just minor hair thinning.

Good luck to you both, hope it works.


We tried vinorelbine at the end of last year,but it had no impact on the tumours-in fact, I had further progression. I found it an incredibly hard chemo to tolerate-I felt and looked, ghastly. Even the nurses commented on how poorly I looked-and normally they try to find nice things to say! I think this demonstrates how different we all are-there is no pattern as to who will suffer s/effects, and to what extent. I’ve actually found that when chemos work for me, then I suffer few s/effects-when they don’t, I suffer agoonies. I’m not sure if this is simply coincidence, or of there’s a logical reason for it. But I coped very well with taxotere, and carboplatin (which worked for me), and am coping well at the moment with taxol (which is also helping.) However, vinorelbine and capecitabine had me on my knees-and achieved nothing!

hi elaine its like u say i thinki its just pot luck some work for some and some dont i just pray they find what works for me sooner rather than later x