Virgin Experience vouchers and Marriott Hotel SPA days

My partner was recently given a Virgen Experience SPA day voucher as a present. The SPA day included a massage treatment. Although the web site suggested that people who had recently been treated for cancer should discuss it at time of booking it did not say anything in the voucher she recieved. When she booked it nothing was mentioned nor was anything said when she arrived at the Marriott Hotel SPA centre. It was not until she had derobed and was on the massage table was she asked if she had had any treatment for cancer. When she replied yes the member of staff told her that the Marriott Hotel was not insured to give massage treatment to people who have had cancer. This left my partner very upset and not knowing what to do. Has anyone else suffered this sort of refusal and am I wrong to think that they should highlight the fact that this type of gift is not suitable for breast cancer suffers ? 


Hi Seleanor,

I haven’t had this experience, but others here have had similar issues. It’s not really good enough that this should happen & it would be good to hear their reasons other than ‘insurance,’ as for the life of me, I can’t think why those who’ve had a cancer diagnosis should be generally excluded. Surely, it’s up to us to decide this. 

As you say, if it is an exclusion, they should state it beforehand.

Good luck with this, hopefully, someone will be along to share their experience.

ann x