Visible lump and purple spot

Hi. I am just wondering if anyone else has had any symptoms the same and what it turned out to be.


Last November (2015) I noticed a purple/black spot on my right breast that looked like a raised blood blister. It had a yellow ring around it. I went to the GP and they didn’t know what it was so referred me to a dermatologist, however by the time that appointment came around the spot had almost disappeared, leaving just a faint mark in it’s place, so I cancelled the appointment.


A few months later it came back, then disappeared again, and now it is back again. I can’t remember if this is the third or fourth time it has appeared in exactly the same spot. It is about a centimetre long and round, with raised bits. Quite angry looking. It wasn’t there two days ago when I had a shower but is there again this morning.


Also a couple of months ago I noticed a visible lump on the same breast, other side. It is flesh coloured and just under the skin. At first you could only see the lump, not feel it, however now you can feel it when you rub your fingers over it. I went to a different GP and she said it was not deep or hard and so nothing to worry about. She thought it was something (can’t remember what she said) but when she googled it to show me it didn’t look like that at all, as they were on the surface of the skin whereas this is underneath. At that visit I mentioned the recurring purple spot, but it wasn’t there at the time for her to see.


Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar and what it turned out to be? Was anyone’s breast cancer lump visible?



Hi Kiwi girl,I haven’t an explanation for your symptoms but just wanted to say if you are still worried go back to GP (maybe a different one in the practice if necessary ) and ask for a referral for further investigation to rule out anything sinister and to put your mind at rest.Jill.

Yes ,people may well have experienced similar ,hopefully you will get an explanation that puts your mind at rest .Let us know how you get on.

Have you got breast cancer?

This post is from 2016 - I don’t think Kiwigirl came back on the forum to let us know the outcome - that usually means good news .Are you concerned about symptoms ?