Visual distrubance, when to worry?

Hi ladies

I’m having a really strange morning, and not feeling too hot, but wonder if I’m over-reacting

I have a really strange thing going on with my vision, a bit like I’m trying to see through rotating fan blades (if you see what I mean). It’s mainly in one eye, but less on the other side too, and is making it difficult to concentrate on anything (good job I touch type), it’s also giving me a headache as I’m straining to see too

Has anyone else had similar? If I had migranes I’d say that’s what it sounds like, but it’s not something I’ve ever suffered with. My district nurse will be here this afternoon to do my hickman line, so I will ask her too, but obviously she’s not an expert.

Thanks, Rebecca

It sounds very similar to the symptoms I get with migraine but its as well to check.Vx

Rebecca, it sounds like classic migraine, horrible. Give your GP a ring and get it checked out. I know you don’t want or need any more drugs, but there are tablets you can take to control the visual impact of classic migraines. I get them and they are the scariest thing going, especially when you have young children around. Take care, honey.

Hi Rebecca,

That’s exactly what I had a couple of years ago and my brother in law, who’s a doctor, said it was definitely a migraine. I only had three of them but it was very scary at the time when I didn’t know what they were. This was before my dx and I haven’t had any since. You should definitely see your GP though - hopefully, they’ll put your mind at rest.

Sally xx

So sorry Rebecca

Yes this could be a migraine or it could be symptoms of brain mets…or…or…or…I think you should try to get it checked out asap, if it continues. If its migraine you should be through the migraine in a few days but if brain mets the symptoms will get worse with time.

Thinking of you very best wishes


Hello Rebecca,

Sorry - I know exactly what you mean by the rotating fan blades. I have these migraine attacks from time to time - just the visual disturbance, no headache or sickness or anything. Pre breast cancer, they were very rare - perhaps one a year, but I had three in the days running up to my first chemo. My surgeon sent me for a brain scan to be on the safe side, although he was convinced it was stress, and the scan came back clear. Now i am on tax, and the disturbances are back, but seems to be a result of being generally run down. Don’t know if that helps at all,



I had something similar on taxotere a few times,I couldnt really see my pC . but it resolved after a good nights sleep each time, it was just fatigue, I would definitely bring to oncs attention if not gone within a few days,


I’ve had visual disturbance with migraines for years and I’ve been having episodes of slight dizziness for a few weeks. Saw the optician this morning for a full check up for both contact lenses and spectacles. My spec prescription was nearly 4 years old as until last year I didn’t wear them often. Turns out it was way off the mark. I’m also quite fatigued at the moment as my OH has had really bad flu and hasn’t been sleeping too well. He has been padding about coughing during the night and it’s woken me up a few times.

Thanks for all your advice.
It’s all resolved now, but it did last about three hours, and was pretty scary.
My nurse says it probably was a migrane, but if it should happen agaon then the onc should be my first stop

I get the odd migraine attack which starts with an occluded spot in the centre of vision, with these radiating “blades” gradually spreading outwards and then disapppearing, leaving a headache. The neurologist simply said they were typically “post-stress” attacks and that nothing can be done. I discovered that if I take a high dose effervescent aspirin dissolved in water at the first sign of an attack, that it clears off within half an hour, leaving me functioning normally.

Could it be double vision? Lisa had that … one eye slightly out of line.
Sue x