Visualisation - Worth a try

This such a stressful time and thought I’d share this as it may help someone. I’ve never been someone who could meditate or anything as I can never empty my mind ! But came across Visualisation by accident, taught myself from Wikipedia and im no expert but during all the tests and procedures like core biopsy and having wire put in i have found it marvellous. You can still carry out things they need you to do but it’s a wonderful distraction to stop you being nervous. I’ve never been able to do things like yoga because i never “empty” my mind but I can do this. Maggie’s Centre locally do classes and now I’m post surgery and off work I’m going to attend. Visualisation is ideal for a busy mind because you actually concentrate on something in great detail as opposed to emptying your mind !! Which I could never do! Whatever things they are doing to me Staff have said how still and relaxed I am which is not me at all. Hope this might help someone thro a stressful time xx

I agree.  I sat in on some visualisation sessions at the place I used to work (supporting young people with disabilities).  I think I probably found it more relaxing than they did.