vitamin C and cancer

vitamin C and cancer

vitamin C and cancer Hi to everyone

Has anyone else seen the news of some reported cases of intravenous vitamin C curing cancers ? It was reported in the Independent a few days back (but you have to pay to see the article online). Alternatively you can find it on - on the basis of three cases (not many I know) clinical trials are being proposed in the U.S.

Interesting - it’s what Linus Pauling always claimed for vitamin c, but couldn’t prove it and nor could anyone subsequently. It’s being claimed that the reaon for this is because oral vit c can’t deliver a high enough dose to kill cancer cells, whereas intravenous vit c can.

I think for now it’s a question of watch this space with interest and a bit of hope (but not a lot - can’t help being a sceptic !!)

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sceptical Linus Pauling was not able to save his wife…who died of cancer.

Also I cannot but help think of Pat (can’t remember her surname) who was on the old boards and had the Vit C therapy at the Dove Clinic, when she was dx with lung mets. Sadly, it did not save her, either.

I think these ‘therapies’ are over-hyped by the media, which is hard for vulnerable people in our position.


Pat Millar She was very nice and did, unfortunately, go downhill very rapidly on this treatment.

Now, that is just one example, but when this topic came up on a U.S.-based board that I participate in, nobody knew anyone personally who had been helped by this treatment.

Of course, if anybody personally knows anyone who has benefitted from intravenous vitamin C as a treatment, I would love to hear about it.

IV Vitamin C A friend of mine had vitamin C therapy in the USA, but she died. Well, she died after she got recurrence, and her husband absolutely insisted that she have chemo for that, then it spread to her liver.

So the vitamin C did not prevent recurrence, but did the chemo reduce her immune system to the extent that her body could not resist the spread to the liver? Who knows.

The University of Montreal has found 3 documented cases of recovery, which is enough evidence to start clinical trials. This is a well known alternative treatment, and presumably, like chemo, it won’t work for everybody. The real question to ask is, if it works, will the drug companies take it up as a treatment? Because you cannot patent vitamin C.

Let’s hope this moves from alternative, to leading edge, then main stream treatment. And soon.