Vitamin C Intravenous IV supplier


does anyone know a distributor of Vitamin C IV?
We need to buy this therapy for our grandmother on the doctor’s recommendation

Thank you.

Hi c_v

I’m assuming your grandmother isn’t in a position to make her own healthcare choices because I would think any IV treatment could potentially put you on dicey ground unless you have LPOA for her healthcare. She is fortunate to have a family who have her best interests at heart but taking control herself might also serve her best interests too. It’s a fine balance.

I’d check with your grandmother’s breast care team who may refer it on to her oncologist. IV treatments have to be administered very carefully and there’s always a risk of too much vit C so it would have to be monitored with blood tests. If you’re in the UK and if the oncology team consider this a necessary treatment, she should be entitled to it. If it’s your grandmother’s preference on the other hand, I’d suggest a local private hospital.

Hope you find a solution and I wish your grandmother a speedy recovery x