vitamins and other supplements

hi all
i wondered what extra vits and minerals every one takes?
im on tamox and have been taking primrose oil and cod liver oil and wear a lady care magnet
im going to stop taking the primrose as i cant see they have helped at all as this last week the flushes have increased a lot during the day
id like to take a multi vit and min and maybe vit c for winter but unsure what im allowed with being hormone +
im so exhausted all the time and with a child in infants i know i will be catching everything going and so want to give myself a head start for winter
any thoughts or advice very welcome please


hi lincs lady

My daily cocktail consists of - 4 omega 3 capsules ( 2 at night 2 in the morning ) 90mg of co-enzyme Q10 (2 at morning 1 at night ) 2 vitamin D capsules and a pro-biotic. I don’t take a multivitamin tablet, hence the 2 vitamin d - you can OD on vitamin d, so need to know if its in any broad based multi vitamin. I have added some others and taken them off again - eg turmeric capsules, bought them thinking they’d be good - then read loads of stuff saying they don’t work well in tablet form and best to stick to adding turmeric to food. So the ones i’ve listed are my main staples if you like.

Ran all of them past the oncologist - no contra indications apparently. The only one of them the oncologist actually rated was the vitamin d - said i was wasting my time with the others!! Not that its stopped me. I hope you find something that helps you and gives you more energy - i’m told the co-enzyme Q10 is good for energy, not sure i notice to be honest, personally i take it becuase of the idea that it works at a cellular level - allegedly in an antic cancer type way. Good Luck.


Hi Lincs lady,
The Penny Brohn website has some info re vits & supplements, both for during and after treatment, as does the Suzannah Oliver," The Breast Cancer prevention and recovery diet book."
Hope that helps,
Sandra x


Hi Lincs Lady
I have spent months looking into what I can do for myself and while there is no scientific evidence for my supplements I can only say that I feel better than I have in my adult life. I did ‘clean’ up my diet a bit by cutting out packet foods and rubbish as well. I currently take a drink twice a day with wheatgrass powder, MSM and zeolite powder in it, along with a mix of goji berries, cacao nibs and a few apricot kernels. At night I take a vitamin d, multivitamin and omega 3. I haven’t had a sniffle for over a year and I feel really calm and happy. I know this regime won’t be for everyone but it works for me!


I take a Lamberts multivitiam, high dose omega 3(2 per day) 30mg co-enzyme Q10 x 3 (2 in morn one at night), 2 x 150mg Magnesium citrate. Adcal and extra VitD (quite a high strengh) I’ve had my Vit D levels measured by blood test. I was takeing CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) but I’ve run out -not sure if I’ll buy more yet.


Why is vitamin D so good ? I have not heard of that before for fighting bc

Hi, can I jump on this thread-Hi Maria-lovely picture, by the way, one of your OH’s I guess.
Alex, can you tell me why you take the fish oil and Vit D at night. I have always taken my supplements in the morning before my porridge.I stopped taking all my supplemnts before I started chemo because I couldn’t get an answer as whether I should be tking them. My onc just waived my list away when I showed it him, I have since restarted the fish oil, Vit D and now have Adcal for Osteoporosis, which I have read is useless without Magnesium (GP didn’t tell me that) how do I know if I am getting enough Magnesium in my diet. I think I will have to ring the Penny Brohn. Sorry for the rant.
Maria, as far as I can gather the Vit D helps the liver and the bones. You might get enough sunshine in Switzerland! I started taking it after the awful winter.