vomiting yellow bile

hi all i am feeling really bad as i just cannot stop retching yellow liquid. I am secondaries in bones and liver.  This seems worse when i am hungry and on an empty stomach. Any advice?  I am quite good at dealing with my illness but i cant cope with these symptoms.  They are ruining my social life! Any tips on how to prevent the sickness. Thank you all

Hi Zara,

I’m sure your fellow forum users will be along soon with support, but could I suggest you give your medical team a call and see what they suggest you do.

Kind regards,

Jo, Moderator

Hi,Zara,OMG! Poor you that sounds awful. Have you rang GP or Onc ward and ask them to prescribe anti sickness tablets. You shouldn’t have to put up with that. I know this sounds odd but I’d rather have pain than sickness as you feel dreadful with sickness and just can’t do anything. I hope you can get sorted.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxxxx

So pleased they sorted it out for you zara…you"ll probably feel tons better now!
Love and hugs
Bev ?? xxxx