Wait for operation - comments please!

Hi everyone

I have hit the stage where I have too much time to think and getting worried (probably without too much reason…)!

At the grand old age of 42, I found lump 13th Jan 08 and had official diagnosis 22nd Jan. Lumpectomy and sentinel node 2 weeks later. 2 weeks after that results which confirmed lump bigger than they thought and one node affected sop I need mastectomy and clearance. I then had to go away and think about what I wanted to do next. I was told there wouldn’t be a terrible panic and I was worried about the delay for chemo if I had immediate reconstruction versus delayed. A few weeks difference I was told. The BC nurse said ‘the cancer is out’, but of course, I need clearance and in my mind the little buggers are busy travelling around my body!

Anyway, I went back to see my consultant and the plastic surgeon I then found out was on holiday (I had told him I wanted the immediate reconstruction). They hope to have me in around the end of March.

What sort of timing has others had (I am under a private medical scheme by the way)?


Hi Rebecca

I’m being treated on the NHS. I had chemo first and an operation was scheduled for exactly 4 weeks after my last lot of chemo. I ended up having my op a week early due to a slot becoming available so it took place 3 weeks after my last lot of chemo. Waiting until the end of March seems quite a while to wait especially if you’re having it done privately. It may be the case that you’d get it quicker if you had it done on the NHS. Is it too late to take that route now?


Hi Ruby

Good news you were treated so quickly. Guess I was in that I had the first surgery promptly. Good question about the NHS - who knows. Perhaps it would have been better, but there again the consultant is the same one so I guess he has others waiting.

Well, it was never going to be easy was it??!!


Understand your anxiety.
Diagnosed 26/9/2006, Mast with LD recon on 9th(? - it was a Monday) November 2006.
Like you, advised that few weeks was not an issue.

Hi Rebecca - I had a 5 week wait between diagnosis and initial surgery. That was partly because the surgeon was on holiday but also because I was having a bilateral mx and reconstruction so I needed a particular surgeon to do it. They are very on the ball where I am (NHS - Christies in Manchester) and I don’t think for one minute that they would have waited 5 weeks (rather than 2 weeks or whatever) if that was a bad idea. I think the hardest bit is dealing with your emotions whilst waiting.

Like you, I had one dx initially (12mm ductal cancer) and then after surgery it turned out to be a 30mm lobular cancer which couldn’t be fully seen on the mammogram.

I’m similar age to you (36). Remember that end of March could mean about 3 weeks time so could be worse but I do sympathise - the waiting is the pits. As soon as it was done, I felt loads better and very relieved. Hang on in there and don’t be afraid to ask for cancellation appointments or ring up and remind them you’re still waiting.