waiting after 3rd biopsy

I’ve been following this forum since I was recalled after a routine mammogram. I’m 58. A small area of micro calcifications had been identified and needed further investigation. On 9 Jun I attended clinic and had more mammograms and a core biopsy. Results a couple of weeks later were suspicious (b4). They wanted to do a 2nd biopsy that day but I’d bled badly after 1st biopsy and had large haemotoma. Not to mention pain!! So 2 weeks later I had 2nd biopsy . 2 weeks after that I was told results was benign, but they hadn’t managed to get any calcifications in the sample so they can’t ignore first suspicious result, and recommendations a wire guided surgical biopsy which I had yesterday…

I’m told it will be another 2 weeks for the results so that will make it 12 weeks of waiting before I get a diagnosis?. The staff at the clinic and the team yesterday were great but I just wish they could speed up the waiting - for all of us out there in similar positions.!!

Just wanted to share my experience so far and find an outlet for my frustration and fears. Thanks. L x

Hi Lindy Lou,you certainly seem to have been put through the mill in order to get a diagnosis.Where they looking at 2 different areas ?did they explain why you needed a 2nd biopsy ?Hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about but having to wait another 2 weeks when you waited so many weeks ready is very hard.

Hi Jill, thanks for your reply. It is only one area they ate looking at. They said that although the first biopsy result was categorised as suspicious b4, it wasn’t conclusive - don’t know why exactly. They said they needed more tissue to try and get a definitive result but didn’t manage to get any of the calcifications in that sample despite carrying biopsy put under ultrasound. So they said only option to be sure of getting a decent sample was the surgical biopsy I had done yesterday. I think I might ask to see histoligy reports for myself, as I often feel you don’t get the whole story!!! L x

Oh the waiting…it is absolutely the worst thing! I got my first letter calling me back after my second routine mammogram at the end of July and although I have now be diagnosed with BC, it won’t be until the end of September until I have a clearer picture of the situation I guess that is 8 or 9 weeks so not as bad as your wait. Still, you have gone through a lot already and your team are great and your results so far have gone well. Keep on trucking, you will get your answers soon…but waiting is definitely a though one; it’s bound to be but it’s not much longer!


Amanda xx



Hi Lindy I do remember them telling me that if they didn’t get a sufficient sample they may need to do biopsy again.It was hard enough waiting a week for results after mine.

Thanks Amanda, and all the best for your prognosis. X

Thanks Jill, cheers, I think that might be one of the issues. Trying to stay positive :relaxed: x